My favorite description of Gerrit is my sweet & sour baby.  If you’ve ever met him, you know what I mean.  Whatever he is feeling, he really feels it and he let’s you join in too.  Which is great when he is happy because he is just about the goofiest, playful boy when he’s in a good mood.  It’s just when he’s upset that the problem comes in.  When he was a little baby, he had 1 cry.  Full throttle, high intensity, someone might just be killing me cry.  But then when he was happy, he had the biggest, funniest, belly laugh you ever heard.  No one could hear it and not join in. 


Gerrit loves to play.  He will spend hours just playing with his hands in the dirt or with a toy.  Whatever he plays with, he watches it very closely like he’s trying to figure it out.  He loves his Thomas the Trains, his sunglasses and his sister. 


He also has a strong affection for Emma’s Barbies and sleeps with at least 1 every night.  But if you ask him if he wants his Barbie, he will say very loudly ‘NO!  Emma’s Barbie’.  Whenever Dan is concerned about Gerrit’s obsession, I remind him that Gerrit wants to sleep with a pretty girl every night and that’s not something we should worry about.


Gerrit turned 3 on Oct 9th and has been officially potty trained since then.  He tried to be before then but it wasn’t until his big day that he felt confidant to wear his big boy underwear.  In his mind, he turned 3 because he ate his cake so good and thus, he is a big boy now. 

To us, he will always be our Gare Bear or Buddy Bear.  He also goes by Dude and Superboy when he’s wearing his cape.  And he will tell you himself that he is handsome and awesome. 



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4 Responses to Gerrit

  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy says:

    Too cute. Now what about Emma’s pictures? HELLO slacker mom! 😉

  2. Duh says:

    Gerrit only takes his white tube socks off for one thing.

  3. Bob says:

    Using pot at 3 years—- hmmmmm

  4. Tracy K says:

    super cute! thanks for setting the bar so high, now i feel like the slacker!

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