This is my Emma.  She is lovingly referred to as Stink.  I used to call her Tinker Winker Baby Stinker but that obviously was too long to say all the time so it got shortened to Stinker and then to Stink.  I’m sure the first month of therapy will be from that.  We’ll start saving now for it.

 One of Emma’s favorite things is playing on the computer.  She mastered the art of navigating a mouse at the age of 2 and has been an addict ever since.  She goes on Nickjr and Disney and will play forever if you let her.  Because we’re so mean and won’t help her, she’s taught her self how to play all the games on there and the new ones that they make. 


She turned 4 in June and started preschool in the fall.  This was her first day of school.  As always, she was brimming over with excitement to do something new and meet new friends. 


Emma loves just about everything.  From being up high & hanging upside down, to coloring & drawing.  In fact, she loves so much and gets excited about so many things that it’s probably easier to talk about the things she doesn’t like.  Which would be eating.  You’ve never seen a child so committed to hating food.  She has about 6 things she likes and the rest are a fight.  She has gotten better though.  Thank goodness for that.  If she had gotten worse, we’d have had to hook up an IV.


Emma is a girlie girl for sure.  She loves to have her hair curled.  She loves to be in dresses and dance.  This is her before I took her to school on Picture Day.  She said ‘Momma, I love to look beautiful’.  What a dollbaby



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3 Responses to Emma

  1. Dizzy from the Dastardly ways of Tracy says:

    Awww….so cute. It’s about damn time you put something up for your first child. Geesh.

    I lurve ya!

  2. Liana says:

    She is a beautiful little girl!

  3. They’re getting so big! *sniffle*

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