How Snow Angels Are Done

I did it!  I finally mastered uploading a video.  So watch out now!  The world is my oyster and I will be videotaping it.  Is it even called videotaping anymore?

Anyways, here is the kids on that same first day playing in the snow.  I have no idea how they were such snow angel experts but they knew how to do it.  Emma even knew to roll out of it.  Have they secretly been playing in winter wonderlands while I thought they were sleeping soundly in their beds?  Perhaps…


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2 Responses to How Snow Angels Are Done

  1. Duh says:

    Oh holy crap. I can’t stand the cuteness of it all!

    You were about to go mental on Bailey. That made me laugh. Also I enjoyed the fact that you let your dogs roam around without a leash.

    More movies, please!

  2. Awesome video! Your kids are so sweet and so good at making snow angels. I was proud like you the day I learned to upload a movie to YouTube. 😛

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