The Day The Music Died

Well, not exactly the music but the Dish in our living room.  Let me explain.   As usual, on days that Emma has preschool, Gerrit took part in what I like to call our ‘errand days’.  This is when I take advantage of the fact that I only have 1 child to buckle/unbuckle from the car and keep acting civilized in public.  We usually end up making a big cirlce of driving by the time we are done and in the 2.5 hour time slot that I have left after I drop Emma.

So this being our ‘errand day’, we drop Emma off and head on our merry way.  Gerrit and I stopped at the bank, picked up something up from my friend’s, stopped at our insurance office to pay that, went to Goodwill to donate some things and ended at the mall where I needed to exchange a couple of items.  While I was there, I noticed that JCPenney’s had a crazy sale going on.  They had toddler & baby clothes for $1.97!  YES!  You read that right…. $1.97!!!!  Imagine what that could do for your budget if you could get both of your kids’ winter wardrobes for the next year at those crazy low prices???  I’ll tell you what you would do, you would go back and get you some!  I didn’t have time to stop and shop then.  Emma would be waiting at 11:30 to get picked up and it would take me at least 2o min to drive and pick her up.

Being a woman of great strategic planning, I decided that I would pick her up, make them lunch and then go back.  Great plan!  I hurried home and made them some food and we were gone again within an hour and half.  (That may sound like a long time for lunch but I did have to make it AND they had to eat it).  Off we go for some shopping fun.

I get back to the store and can not find their sizes.  Wait… I take that back.  I could find their sizes, they just aren’t toddler size anymore apparently to JCPenney’s.  They have their own section.  A section not keen on a lot of selection or $1.97 sales.  I find only a sweater for Emma marked down to $4.97.  I decide that it isn’t enough to stand in line with 2 kids that haven’t played at all that day and are about to bounce off the walls.

So we take off.  We had to make 1 little stop on the way home and probably were gone for 2hrs total.  I walk in and ask the dogs if they were good puppies.  As I walk into the kitchen and dining room, I notice that no happy tail wagging pups are following me.  “Mommy!!  Come see what da doggies ate” was what I heard from Emma.  Great… I walk with dread into the living room.  And thats where I find this

remote-3-0118081948.jpg remote-1-0118081947.jpg

Yeah, thats our remote to our Dish Network in the living room.  And just in case you missed it in the first picture, here’s a close up


You can see right there that it used to say Dish.  Now it’s tiny little particles on the dog bed.  I look around to find the naughty dog.  I know it can’t be Bailey.  Bailey is our good girl.  She was never a chewer and will be 5 next month.  No…. I can tell by the tail between his legs and his cowering that it’s this dog


BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD DOG!!!!!!!  My naughty Scout.  I still can’t believe he did it.  Even though I have proof that he did.  After all, we can’t watch tv in the living room until our new remote comes in.  So every minute that I want to watch tv out here, I am reminded of his nautiness.  Because no Dish remote=no Dish tv 😦

So score 1 for Scout, 0 for the dead Dish Remote.  May it rest in peace


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One Response to The Day The Music Died

  1. Poor Scout. Wanna come live with me poor baby?

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