Bummin Out


Well, the day we knew was comin is here.  Dan left this morning for Indiana.  He has a big job down there (a theater) and will be working there during the week and home on weekends for the next couple of months.  Thats the original plan at least.  I’ve learned not to expect the original plan to really happen.  In theory, it really doesn’t sound too terrible.  But in actuality, it sucks. 

I know I’m certainly not the first nor the last woman who’s husband has had to leave for 1 reason or another and I obviously don’t think that it’s harder on me than it is for any other person.  It’s hard for every family that has to do it.  And in Michigan’s horrible economy and housing disaster, it’s happening more and more.  But it still stinks.  So I’m giving myself today to bum.  Tomorrow, I’ll pull myself up by my bootstraps (is that how that saying goes?) and deal but today, I think I’ll feel bad for myself, my husband and our kids. 

I’ve been trying to at least think of the positive sides of it and thought I might share them with y0u

1.  I get to sleep in the middle of the bed (it’s so much fluffier there)

2.  I get to watch tv in bed every night (Dan hates this and I usually only do it 1 time during the week)

3.  I don’t have to put the cap back on the toothpaste when I first wake up in the morning (Dan always leaves it off and it’s normally one of the first things I do after waking)

4.  I get to drink all the coffee all by myself (you should see his ‘coffee’ mug… it’s HUGE and takes most of the pot)

5.  He’s making money

 Thats it.  Those are the silver linings on my big sad cloud.  So here I am… bummin out today.


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One Response to Bummin Out

  1. *waving bye* to Dan.

    *thumbs up* to making $$$! GO GO GO

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