What Wii did on our snowday


Well, today was Emma’s first snow day.  She was supposed to have school today but because of the awful conditions, it got cancelled.  Last night, it started down pouring.  Crazy wind and rain just pouring down.  That lasted for a few hours and then it dropped about 30 degrees.  I think it was either in the teens or single digits.  So it was a quick freeze.  Then it started snowing.  We didn’t get a ton of snow but the wind chills were well below zero and the road conditions were trecherous and most things were cancelled.  My friend even told me that her daycare got cancelled.  How does that happen?

So we decided to invite our neighbor Sandy down with her 4 boys to play Wii.  Emma, being a Wii fanatic and loving it even more when others play with her, I figured this was a good way to soften the blow of no school.  After all, she’s 4 and school is the most awesome thing she’s ever experienced.  The kids all played for a few hours.  Emma even bowled a 214.  After they went home, I played bowling with her.  I’m so proud to say that Emma and I are professional bowlers now in Wii.  We both have fancy balls now… mine is pink and hers is purple.  We rock.  I’m looking forward to putting that on my resume someday…

Professional Wii’er

And now, we are just vegging out.  Too much Wii stimulus quickly puts kids into crabstain mode.  It’s easily detected by the onset of tears and shortness of patience.  She keeps asking me of she can play some more but since there is no Wii olympics, there’s no need for her to train that hard.  Little Miss Electronics will just have to wait til tomorrow for her mommy to school her in boxing.  Wii on


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5 Responses to What Wii did on our snowday

  1. Duh says:

    Watch out for Wii related injuries. I think I have the Wiiitis.

  2. Accountable says:

    ohhh… You have the sparkly ball!!! My 4 1/2 year old is a better Wii bowling than I.

  3. Chris says:

    Aren’t they? It’s so sad because she didn’t get an actual Mii until Friday afternoon so before then, when she played, it just got erased. So she’s pro from 5 days. Geez… sounding like a bad mom

  4. JimT says:

    ROFL!! I love that T-shirt! Do you know where I can get one?

  5. Chris says:

    Not sure where you can find it but this guy claims to have created the prototype.

    Perhaps you can contact him and see if he has finished making an actual shirt. Let us know what you find out! I thought it was pretty funny myself

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