Update to My Bidness…


Well, I did call on Thursday and I spoke with the person named on the letter so I knew she was the contact person. The conversation went just like I suspected it would.  I’ll recap for you:

Me: “Could I speak with Sharon?”

Her: “This is”

Me: “Hi, I was calling because my daughter failed a vision test at school and I keep getting notices asking what the results of her followup were”

Her: “Oh, yup”

Me: “And I am really confused as to why I have to call and give you guys the results of her Dr’s appt”

Her: “The state just likes to track how many kids have received followup care and what the problem was”

Me: “I can appreciate that but I’m not comfortable sharing my daughter’s dr results.  I will let you know that she did go to the dr but not the findings were.”

Her: “Ooookay” (acting as though I’ve just said I like to pick my nose and eat boogers) “I’m not sure why you are calling then”

Me: “I’m calling because I keep getting these letters demanding that I send you my daughters information and I’m just letting you know that I’m not going to do that.  Just because she’s 4 doesn’t mean she doesn’t have patient rights or a right to privacy.”

Her: completely dumbfounded… “Sooo can you tell me her name at least?”

Me: “Yeah, thats fine.”

She obviously did not get what I was talking about AND it was obvious to me that this is the first call she’s experienced where someone has denied them the answers they seek.  This saddens me because I feel like as a nation we are just really being desensitized.  Everywhere you go, people want more info on you.  You can’t even buy some socks at Children’s Place or some playdo at Toyr R Us without them asking for your phone number.  But just because they ask, doesn’t mean you have to tell them.  I know that you feel akward saying no and you think you’ll like a big jerk but you can politely say No Thank you.  Try that next time.  Watch their face… HUH? 

I betcha 60 years ago, if people had been asked for info on them, I know what the answer would have been.  And I don’t think I can type it on a family friendly blog hahaha.  You know what I’m talking about though.


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10 Responses to Update to My Bidness…

  1. Accountable says:

    Ohhhh… The state just likes to track follow-up care… Blah blah blah…

    Well, now that you’ve told her that she’s received follow-up care, that should satisfy her, right?

  2. Good thoughts, Chris. You are right that we are too compliant.

  3. Your kidding right? says:

    Some parent’s don’t follow-up on health matters for their own children. A four year old doesn’t know enough to get glasses if they can’t see. You seem to have a misplaced sense of what information is or isn’t important to protect in terms of privacy. This isn’t a privacy issue. They might want to know if your 4 year old got her immunizations too. A terrible thing isn’t it???

  4. Chris says:

    Your kidding right?
    I think it might just be too late for you. It seems as though you’ve already gladly given up your rights if you can’t even fathom what I’m saying.

    The fact that some parent’s don’t follow up on health matters for their own children does not mean that the government should demand to know my daughter’s private information. Some parent’s take drugs, should we ALL be subjected to random drug tests? Some parent’s beat their kids, should everyone with a child have cameras installed into their homes so the state can monitor parents actions?

    It IS a privacy issue. How do you not understand that? If your local governement called you up and demanded to have access to your health file, would you gladly give it to them? What good are patient’s rights if we don’t use them? Is it just to give us warm fuzzies so we think that it’s our right to share our health issues with whom we see fit?

    And as far as immunizations go, there have been more and more studies and concern that they are a leading cause of autism in children. Not ALL parents agree with giving their children them or want to wait until they are a little older.

    Since you seem to be an expert on privacy issues, why don’t you share with us what exactly is private? Or do you believe the state/gov deserves to know everything about you?

  5. Good response, Chris. With an attitude like that you could be a Paul supporter. 😉

  6. Chris says:

    Thanks FW. I would be a Paul supporter if it could help. I agree with him on a lot of his views.

    I dunno, maybe Your Kidding Right thinks we should just hand them over to the state as soon as we give birth to our kids. After all, the government knows way better on how to raise and take care of them.

  7. Duh says:

    “And as far as immunizations go, there have been more and more studies and concern that they are a leading cause of autism in children. Not ALL parents agree with giving their children them or want to wait until they are a little older. ”

    You are absolutely right! You have every right as a parent to not immunize your child. And I have every right as a parent to demand that your child not be allowed into public school without immunizations.

    There is suspicion by parents’ groups that immunizations may contribute to autism, but as of yet, no real scientific evidence. There IS evidence that immunizations prevent deadly outbreaks of diseases though. So if you don’t want to share the information that your child was/was not immunized, more power to you. Just keep your little petri dish away from my kid!

  8. Chris says:

    But Duh, if your kids HAVE had their immunizations, aren’t they safe even if my kids haven’t? Isn’t that the point? They are immune?

  9. Duh says:

    Nope. Just because you’re immunized does not mean you are totally immune. It’s harder for an immunized child to contract the disease, they don’t get as sick, and the time they are contagious is shorter. That’s IF they are fully immunized.

    Even if your kids shots are all up to date, they may not be fully immunized. The human body is a wacky stew that doesn’t always do what it’s supposed to. So there are some kids that are up to date on shots and are not protected at all. That’s not their parents’ fault. Unless they have a battery of blood tests done every few months, it’s impossible to know whether or not the immunizations are effective. But those kids are very few and far between. Most people have some level of protection.

    In any case, fully protected or not, it’s possible to contract the disease, and it’s possible to die from it. Especially if the child has other health problems.

    Parents’ who don’t immunize are relying on OTHER parents’ to immunize so their kid doesn’t get sick. And they are basing their decision on, basically, an urban legend that immunizations cause autism.

  10. Duh says:

    If anyone is interested:

    The only sites I could find linking autism and MMR are autism advocacy sites run by parents. These are not scientific sites and their opinions should not hold the same weight as scientists.

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