Bryan & Megan rock

Some friends of ours were wonderful enough to invite us to join them in some fun at a cottage this past weekend.  The itinerary was basically to be outside all day long sledding & snowmobiling, hanging out by a fire.  Now, anyone that knows me, knows that I despise cold and can not stand anything having to do with snow.  Winter is something that I often suffer thru rather than enjoy.  But somehow, it sounded fun to me (I think it might have been talk of the wine)…  so we went. 

Let me tell you that we had the best time!  The kids loved it, Dan & I loved it.  Emma & Gerrit had their first snowmobile ride and enjoyed it.  And who would have known that Emma is a sledding machine.  She sled nonstop for about 6hrs.  All the other kids would take breaks for hot cocoa or some roated marshmellows.  But not Emma.  She was on a mission.  I took some videos for your viewing pleasure. 

People featured in the videos would be:

  • Dan in the green coat
  • Emma in a white coat & purple hat
  • Gerrit in a black hat & red/black coat
  • Bryan & Megan (our awesome friends that invited us & convinced me it would be fun)
  • Savannah (5) is in the blue coat & Makayla (3) is in the pink coat.  They are the adorable daughters of Bryan & Megan
  • Zac (6) & Nate (3) the handsome little men of Megan’s friends, Steve & Amy

Enjoy the shows!  The first is Dan trying to pull 4 kids on the sled up the big hill.  I think he lost his load just so he could take a break.

First time down the hill

Emma snowmobiling for the first time.  Notice she gives her mom a shout out

Gerrit snowmobiling for first time

Thank you Bryan & Megan for inviting us!!!  You totally and completely rock!!


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2 Responses to Bryan & Megan rock

  1. Duh says:

    I have a couple of comments.
    1) What’s up with the dates on your blog?
    2) Napoleon Dynamite says, “LUCKY!” I want snow too.
    3) You need to stop saying that Gerrit will be scared of stuff. You’re turning him into a pussy boy.
    4) Your kids are the cutest out of all the kids.
    5) If your friend reads this, I’m just kidding about your kids being the cutest.

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