Happy Birthday Hayden


It was my nephew, Hayden’s birthday party this weekend.  My sister lives about 45min-1hr away from me depending on traffic and weather so we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like.  The kids love playing together and Gerrit has been asking me nonstop if he can go to his cousin’s house again.  Took some pictures to share with y’all.  Don’t let this picture fool you… my kids do know how to smile and have fun.


Left to right:  Emma(4) , Madison(5) , Gerrit(3) , Hayden(3) , Brooke(9)


Emma & Madison




Hayden & Gerrit


Pajama jam time for boys


And girls


Brooke was very into her Nintendo DS

Good times were had by all!  Emma & Gerrit fell asleep in the car which made my drive home wonderfully quiet.  I was able to sing (badly) in the car to my heart’s content without turning the radio down every 24 seconds to hear what someone said to me or answer a question.  When I got them home, I slipped thier coats and shoes off, and put them snuggly in their beds.  Thats my kind of bedtime.


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