So random


Sometimes I think of the most random things and since Dan is in Indiana, I don’t get to torture him with my thoughts and questions.  Guess who gets it instead?  Thats right… You!  Here we go:

 I noticed that there was a European gal in the top 24 of American Idol.

She is talented and entertaining to watch but it made me wonder if someone from Europe won American Idol, could they call her an American Idol?  She isn’t American… hmmmmm.  

How can my county have a flood warning and a snow advisory? 


coreAdsCreate(‘wnsz_22’, ‘loc’, ‘100’, ‘wnsz_22’, ‘Weather’);

Weather Alerts
FLOOD WARNING in effect for :
Berrien, MI Branch, MI Cass, MI Kent, MI
Allegan, MI Barry, MI Kent, MI Ottawa, MI
Lake Effect Snow and Blowing Snow ADVISORY in effect for :
Berrien, MI Cass, MI Kalamazoo, MI Van Buren, MI
Muskegon, MI Oceana, MI

Wouldn’t you think that flooding indicates melting snow?  Not falling snow?  So confusing… and then on the news last night, they had a brand new kind of warning.  A Civil Emergency.  Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Me neither.  I guess the state police were asking people in the Civil Emergency area to stay off the roads.  Not sure why.  Maybe the roads have such big potholes that small vehicles are being swallowed whole.  No wait… thats my area.

Why is my house not covered under insurance for acts of war or flooding?  Why do they get to pick what kind of damage they cover?  How rediculous is that?!?  It’s like when I had to get my cell phone replaced because it had dropped on the ground and they told me that they wouldn’t cover it if it was dropped on cement.  HUH?  If I dropped it off a 3 story building into the grass you would cover it?  But if it fell out of my hand in the parking lot and fell 2 feet, you won’t?  Thats bunk.  Broke is broke no matter how it got that way and if I pay you to replace things, then you replace it.  Stop making rediculous rules.

That’s all that’s on my mind right now.  I’m sure there will be more.  Please feel free to post your answers.  Dan would be relieved


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3 Responses to So random

  1. Duh says:

    Is that girl on American Idol foreign?? I just thought she had a speech impediment.

    I don’t know the first thing about snow.

    The first thing that popped into my head with the Civil Emergency was train wreck. Are there trains there?

    Insurance doesn’t cover the stuff that’s most likely to happen. That’s why a lot of health insurance plans don’t cover pregnancy, too. But if you want flood insurance, it’s pretty cheap. Like $200 a year where I used to live. We don’t have it here because water is like gold.

  2. Acts of war? Yikes.

    Snow sometimes causes flooding where I live. If the ground is already saturated then the snow can’t be absorbed.

  3. Bob says:

    Civil Emergency
    an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare.

    Insurance is the same as gambling. The house always makes money. Insurance companies know the odds are on their side.
    When you buy insurance you are betting on something bad is going to happen to you.
    The insurance company knows that bad thing will affect 1 out of 10,000. They have 10,000 paying in to just 1 paying out.
    Disclaimers give the insurance company even greater odds.

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