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Push the little daisies & watch ’em come up

This is for my girl, Traci!  I know you are crackin up and remembering 1300 Underground radio.  For those of you who never got to experience this song, please listen.  It’s even safe for children ears. Advertisements

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My Neighbors Keeper

Ever since my neighbors moved in across the street, I couldn’t help but watch them.  Not in a crazy, stalking sort of way

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Rollin with my homies

This weekend, we made the trip down to Indiana to visit Dan.  While driving for extended periods of time is not my favorite thing on earth, I’d never experienced the joy of driving for a long time with a 4 … Continue reading

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The Perfect Trifecta of Hell

A couple of weeks ago, an incident occured and I never got the chance to ‘blog’ about it.  So I thought I would reminisce with you about the trifecta of hell I experienced.  It was an unusual circumstance and I … Continue reading

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I Got Strong All Day

I love this new Nike ad.   I think people are often surprised when they play a game with me to find that I talk a lot of trash.  They often confuse this as being ultra-competative but actually I just love … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Matt

Happy Birthday to our uber good friend Matt!!!  He has been a part

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I shall call thee “The Great Flu of 2008”

  As you can probably tell from the title, I had the flu this week.  Not just any kind of flu mind you… but a MASSIVE flu. 

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