Happy Birthday Matt


Happy Birthday to our uber good friend Matt!!!  He has been a part of lives forever and holds a special place in our hearts that no one else could.  We’ve learned and lived a lot since our friendship first began 13 years ago.  From the 3 of us all moving into our first apartment at 19 (dance on the techno songs), working together at Hertz (remember the avis wars?), to marriage & babies, good times, bad times.  We have ’em all and share ’em together.

Matt is also Dan’s business partner so they are working away in Indiana together right now but we celebrated with him on Friday when they were home for 24hrs.  It was a lot of fun (even if I drank water the whole night).  Our friends Bryan & Megan and Rob & Traci came out.  The pictures turned out terrible but what do you want from a camera phone in a dark bar?  Don’t look if you’re needing Ansel Adams quality


Dan, Rob, Bryan & Matt


Rob singing a romantic song to Traci… he doesn’t she’s making stupid faces at him

Don’t you wish you were with us?


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One Response to Happy Birthday Matt

  1. Traci says:

    Funny stuff…can’t believe I made a blog..I’ve arrived! : )

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