The Perfect Trifecta of Hell


A couple of weeks ago, an incident occured and I never got the chance to ‘blog’ about it.  So I thought I would reminisce with you about the trifecta of hell I experienced.  It was an unusual circumstance and I hated every moment of it.

It started by my sister hosting a Pampered Chef Party.  Now, if you know me, I am not the typical guest that would go to one of these.  I do not own expensive cookware nor do I dream of the fancy cakes/dishes I can create if I did own them.  Cooking to me is a necessary evil that I do for my family simply so they don’t starve to death.  Tasting good is something that happens on accident and if it does, all the better.  But being a good sister, I decided I would make the 45min trek even though the weather report sounded daunting…  freezing rain.  My least favorite of all rain. 

I left to go to her house at about 4:30 or so.  It was still light out and the roads were just wet from rain earlier that day.  I had decided to bring the kids so they could play with their cousins and they were excited to get there.  After we finally pulled into Steph’s subdivision, Emma said with a big sigh “Momma, Aunt Steph lives far far away”.  So true Emma, so true.

The party went well.  The food was good.  I even found something to buy that would make the quality of my life better.  And so I finally departed.  Unfortunately, it was way later than I had wanted.  Now it was dark and there was ice on the roads.  Ever since I had kids, I tend to experience a smidgeon of night blindness while driving.  It’s normally not a big deal because I’m normally not in dark woody areas in the middle of the night.  And normally, there isn’t a nice sheen of ice on the roads that I’m trying to see. 

 I pulled out of her subdivision slowly and started to make my way to the highway.  Let me tell you… the roads were crap.  Not only are they ice covered but they are hilly.  Up the icy hill and then down the icy hill.  Oh look, some jerk is behind me and must be on his way to fire because he doesn’t understand that slow is the only speed I’m going.  I really wasn’t even that slow.  I still managed to go 40mph and was proud of my bravery for that.

I make it to the highway and get on.  My heart is still palpitating from the hilly, icy roads I just got off of and I’m praying that the highway isn’t slippery.  I can’t really tell but I’m hoping my inability to see ice means there isn’t any and it’s not ‘black ice’. 

I get about 1mile down the highway and fog engulfs me.  Now my heart is pounding.  I feel like I’m having a panic attack but I don’t have that luxery because I need every muscle in my body to see the road.  Everytime I am going up a hill, I have the same sensation that you do on a rollercoaster, climbing that first big hill.  I can’t see over the hills as I am climbing them and I pray that I’m still on the highway and not driving off an embakement. 

I seriously want to cry now but I need my eyes to be clear so I can sort of see what I’m doing.  I keep hoping if I slow down, a faster car might catch up.  But nothing.  I drive for what seems like 100yrs and I finally make it back to civilization.  I hit downtown and life gets so much better.  I call my sister and tell her that she needs to take it easy in the morning driving into town.  She’s probably used to the terrible driving conditions but I am not. 

And thats how I discovered what the perfect trifecta of hell really was… dark, ice & fog.


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3 Responses to The Perfect Trifecta of Hell

  1. Darla says:

    I so feel your pain. I don’t do well driving at night, or on ice or not on ice.

    I’m glad you got home ok!

  2. I think my driving vision has been affected by birthing children too. I gave birth to my daughter in a hospital in Japan and many Japanese women told me to take care not to read any magazines or strain my eyes at all in the days following her birth because new moms are vulnerable to changes in their vision.

  3. Paul Dungy says:

    I like the layout of your blog and I’m going to do the same thing for mine. Do you have any tips? Please PM ME on yahoo @ AmandaLovesYou702

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