My Neighbors Keeper


Ever since my neighbors moved in across the street, I couldn’t help but watch them.  Not in a crazy, stalking sort of way but a hey, what the heck are they doing kind.  It seemed that every other weekend, they were getting new furniture or appliances.  They were constantly doing things to improve the home.  And it was such a home of constant activity with people coming and going that you couldn’t help but notice.  Not to mention that my couch faces my front windows and looks directly at their home.  If I’m watching tv, I can’t help but look at their house since the window is next to the tv.

Now the neighbors themselves were a mystery to me.  I’m really not the bake fresh cookies and bring them over to introduce myself kind of gal.  And I had a really hard time gauging who actually lived there.  I knew there was for sure an older (like 45-50?) man and an older (45-50?) woman who lived there with a younger girl about 12yrs old.  They were somehow related to the family that lived 4 houses down from them.  You would see them walking back and forth a lot to and from those houses & our resident nosy neighbor had told me that they were related.  That was when they first moved in.  Then it seemed as if the other younger couple moved in with the older couple and another relative of theirs moved in the other house.  I know it seems very complicated but thats exactly why I never knew just who lived there.

Another reason that I never spoke with them is that the men seemed very intimidating to me.  Rude was a kind word to describe them but more often than not, I referred to them as jerks.  There was a time when our crazy dog (he no longer lives here) at the time got loose off his chain and was in their yard.  This was unbeknownst to me until I hear a car honking in my driveway and see the senior most man standing next to his car, honking the horn at me and saying ‘get your dog’.  Now, I understand how upsetting it is when dogs you don’t know are in your yard but this is also the man that intentionally would send his dog on command into our front yard to do it’s deed everyday and then call it back when it was done.  This was also the man who took his dog for walks on our street everyday with no leash.  And this is the man who’s dog had bitten my neighbor’s son.  So I was quite shocked when he was rudely honking his car at me instead of ringing my doorbell like any rational human being would do.  He had an attitude until I reminded him that it wasn’t like his dog was never in my yard.  That shut him up.  And then about a month later, when my neighbor’s son was babysitting my kids here, he opened the door a crack and the same crazy dog ran outside.  Nathan ran after him and ran into the road.  The younger man that lives across the street happened to be coming down the road and actually hit Nathan with his car.  Now normal people would get out and check to see if a child is ok that they’ve assaulted with their vehicle but not these guys.  He gets out and starts cursing at Nathan that he’s hurt his Mercedes.  Ya… thats what I mean about jerks.

So while they are a mystery and I chose not to speak to them, I did see all their goings ons.  The biggest was last summer.  They were building something massive in the back yard.  It took all summer and you could hear them working morning to night.  Sawing, hammering… bringing wood back there all the time.  I bet the city inspector was out at least 5 times that summer.  It was nearly enough to drive me insane with curiousity.  But I kept my cool.  I still have no idea what they built but I do know that their property value doubled from whatever they did.  They had their house for sale for exactly 5 days in the fall and while it was listed, I took a look to see what they had built but no pictures.  Darnit.

Before you start to get the wrong impression about me and my nosy-factor, let me try to explain for the last time that there was just something about this house and the people that made it worth watching.  I can’t tell you diddly about my other neighbors.  I don’t know what they do and don’t care to see what they do.  But these people… there was just something so different.  I can’t even explain all the wierdness but it was there.

I had noticed (of course, right?) that they had a moving van a couple weeks ago.  They took a bunch of trips with it and my guess was that they were moving.  I thought it was wierd since they had only had it on the market for 5 days (at an amazingly rediculous price mind you) and then took the sign down.  I highly doubted someone had bought it at that price.  Anyways, I hadn’t seen them for a couple weeks which was huge.  This was the eternal revolving door of people in and out of this house for the last 4 years so it was wierd when no lights are on and no people at all for 2wks. 

Then today I see a minivan (not theirs) back up across the lawn.  A few guys that I don’t recognize get out and go in the backyard.  Then about 30min later I see them bringing up trees that they’ve dug up.  These aren’t small trees like 2 or 3 feet big, they’re bigger than that.  Like 6 or 7 feet big.  They make a couple of trips to load them in the van and then bring them wherever they are bringing them.

While that’s happening, I get a New York call.  I answer and a woman on the phone tells me her name is Maria blah blah and that she’s trying to get ahold of my neighbor lady so and so.  I tell her I’m not sure who that is, does she have the address?  She tells me and it’s the house across the street.  I tell her that I’ve never met them.  She says that she’s been calling but it just does a weird beeping at her when she calls and did I know how to get ahold of them.  I repeat that I don’t know them and really don’t know where they are.  She repeats about the weird beeping when she calls and she didn’t know if there was something wrong with the phone line.  I tell her I have no way of knowing if there is but I suspect they don’t live there anymore. 

*By the way, this whole phone conversation is taking place while I can see the men loading trees into their minivan*

She asks me if I know any way to leave them a message.  I start to wonder about this chick so I ask her ‘I’m sorry, are you with a company or something?  Why did you need to get ahold of them?’.  She says very angrily that she’s all the way up in New York and they had asked her to take care of some business for them and she doesn’t understand why they wouldn’t return her calls when she leaves a message.  I’m like… I don’t know.  She asks me one more time if I know how to get a message to them and I tell her for the last time, I don’t know them… I don’t know what to tell you.

I hang up and am now even more mystified than before.  As if I didn’t have enough to wonder about them.  Now this…

After contemplating it for sometime, I didn’t get the impression that she was a bill collector.  I’ve talked to some before that were trying to hunt someone down and they didn’t sound at all like that.  She sounded very unprofessional but maybe thats just how they roll in the Big Apple.  I don’t know.  So I’m wondering what they were involved in.  Is this some random loan officer?  Or an overzealous Amway distributor?  Can you even imagine calling someone’s neighbor because you were looking for somebody?  That’s huge.  It’s so weird.

My brain needs answers so I need all you great conspiracy theorists to shout out something for me.  All you lurkers that never dare speak (I see you clicking but you can’t comment?).  I need you to come out of your shell for this.   I need closure… and another hobby since mine seems to have moved. 


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2 Responses to My Neighbors Keeper

  1. Darla says:

    Just wanted to come over and thank you for what you shared. It gives me courage to do what is needed. Thank you. 🙂

  2. R.G. says:

    Well Chris, I believe that I may have an answer. You called upon a consiracy theorists ……..well here ya go. Your neighbors were actually Political refugees from a war torn nation sent to the U.S. while American or British spies were put in there place. That big mystery construction job in the back yard was the magicians slite of hand at work. It was simply a distraction, something for neighbors like you to obsess over so that you would be more interested in what they were doing rather than who they were. To you they appeared to be rude when in fact they wanted you to dislike them so that you would keep your distance and not show up at their door step looking to borrow a cup of sugar while they were on a teleconference with the U.S. Ambassador of Ublekestan in an effort to sort out some secretive foreign affairs. Their ever present flow of new furniture and appliances and the fact that they drove a Mercedes tells me that there is obviously a government pension of some sort. I mean come on, how else does the U.S., the creator of such technological wonders as the hoolahoop and the Ford Festiva, end up with a Trillion dollar deficit. Anyways thats what I think.
    Well that and maybe they were just a couple of jerks who bought a house, furnished it, built a deck, and then decided to move because their wierdo neighbor was always spying on them.

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