Push the little daisies & watch ’em come up

This is for my girl, Traci!  I know you are crackin up and remembering 1300 Underground radio.  For those of you who never got to experience this song, please listen.  It’s even safe for children ears.


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7 Responses to Push the little daisies & watch ’em come up

  1. R.G. says:

    I can actually picture you & Traci (or is it T-dog)sitting in the blue Mustang rockin out to this with your Doc Marten boots and plaid shirts.
    Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Who are you R.G.? You are freakin me out. Are you using your first and middle initial? I know you can’t be my pyschic friend Cabrina

    I love a great mystery but only when I can solve them.

  3. Traci says:

    OMG! How funny….RG is my lovely husband! I turned him on to your blog…so now he thinks he needs one too : ) I would expect plenty of commentary from him!

    He does have it just about right with the mustang, docs, and plaid shirts! We LOVED this song! What a great start to my day!

  4. Chris says:

    I thought it was him! It was either that or someone has been stalking us for a long time. Glad to see you comment R.G. 😉 Hope you are doing good.

    Yeah, he did have it right except I don’t think you had the mustang yet. It was the blue beast… what kind of car was that? Or were you in the mustang then? When did Moo-Cow come into the picture?

    Such good times. R.G. only wishes he could have hung out with us then. We were so cool

  5. Sara says:

    Thanks for posting this video! I used to hear this song on a call-in video show in Puerto Rico and haven’t been able to find it anywhere. It is slightly ridiculous, but brings back great memories of me and my brothers and sister sitting around with nothing to do in the hot summer before any of us could drive. Thanks for the memories!

  6. Chris says:

    I’m so glad you found us Sara! It’s a great song for remembering fun times. I know it takes me back too. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Great, I did not know about this topic until now. Thanx!!

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