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How sweet am I?

I took this test and it said that I was sooo nice and super smart.  Look Chris, you’re an Observer! This means you’re one of the more kind-hearted people around. You are unusually intuitive, and you probably understand yourself, as … Continue reading

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What the dillio is?

    I started a Myspace page a couple of weeks ago.  I’m not sure exactly why.  I think it was so I could look at my friend’s pages that can only be accessed if you have a page.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Immunizations and Autism

Since the debate over immunizations and autism has come up, I figured I would do some research and see what I could find.  Here are some interesting articles. One thing we know for sure … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Emilee!!!

This past weekend, we celebrated my niece Emilee’s birthday.  It was her first birthday and a special time of course.  Every child’s first birthday is a milestone and celebrated but as I sat watching her smile and clap, I thought about … Continue reading

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Take that patience

You know when it’s not ok to back up?  When you don’t have enough room.  I assumed everyone with a valid driver’s license was aware of this but I just met the person that didn’t. I was at a drive … Continue reading

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He works hard for the money

I became a stay at home mom when I lost my insurance driving school bus for Kentwood Public Schools.  At the time, Emma was not even 2 and Gerrit not even a year old.  Money was tight with all the … Continue reading

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Spring Break 2008

We may not have had fabulous weather or sandy beaches of Florida, but we did have fun.  I tried to plan a ton of fun things for the kids to do so they wouldn’t notice that Dan was gone again … Continue reading

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