Every vote counts… ‘cept yours & yours and well, ya you too


I’ve really begun to wonder what the point is in voting anymore.  It seems more and more that the government and respective parties just chip away the right of the people to choose their own President.

For those of you that stay away from the news or politics, you may not know that both Michigan & Florida were both stipped of their delegates for holding their elections too early.  I was pretty outraged when I heard that back in January and really took offense to the fact that the Democratic party felt both MI & FL were not important for this election.  I understand that the Dem. Convention felt that we had broken the primary rules by moving up the primary but really, it’s a load of crap.  The Republican Convention could have stripped us too if they wanted for breaking the same rules, but they didn’t.  They decided that we still count and we did. 

The dems didn’t think that though.  So what was it really about?  Was it a power struggle?  The news kept saying that it was important to keep Iowa and New Hampshire the power houses in the election.  Uh, why?  Why can’t they just rotate every year who gets to go first?  Doesn’t that seem fair and ideal?  Then each state could have a big say in an election year.  Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to bring logic into politics.

And while I’m thinking logically, why were the voters stripped of their voting right?  The state decided by their little selves when the primary would be.  Nobody called me.  Did you get a call asking when you wanted it to be?  Nope.  So once again, we’re being punished because our representatives in MI are morons and have their own agendas.

So Hillary Clinton was the only candidate to still be on the ballot for the Dem. party when our primaries came around.  The local media made sure we all understood before we left to vote that she was the only one left.  Kind of like… what’s the point?  I’m sure a bunch of Democrats took the opportunity to vote in the Republican race since you don’t have to vote in the primaries for your registered party.  Maybe they were hoping to alter the Republican nominee.  I don’t know.  But I do know that this state was nevereven given the opportunity to vote for anyone but her.  Even if you wanted to vote for Obama or Edwards (yeah, he was still very much around back then), you didn’t get the chance and never would.

And what about now, you say?   Oh… didn’t you hear?  We matter all the sudden.  Suddenly, we are very important to the whole Democratic Convention and party.  Couldn’t give a rat’s pitooey about us before and our voice and our rights, but NOW we matter.  Now it’s ‘the people of Michigan and Florida deserve to be heard’.

You’re damn right we do, but we tried to speak Jan. 15th and you gagged us.  Hillary is in complete favor of them accepting the delegates that were voted because she was the only one on the ticket!  DUH!!!  And where does Obama stand?  He believes it would be fair to split the delegation halfzies with Hillary.

What’s that you say?  That’s a fair idea.  Well, sure.  If you don’t give a crap about your rights as an American citizen.  If you think it’s ok for the Democratic party to just tell you who you elected to represent the Democratic party.  I mean, why are we even having elections if the parties can just say ‘ummm, these votes can go to so & so just cuz we said it’.  WTH?!?

Seriously, I am so disgusted with it all.  I can’t believe the idiots in Washington (and apparently all over the USA) are wondering why voters are becoming disenfranchised.  Really?  Do they really have to think about it? 

But make sure you vote in November!  Every vote counts… well, except the ones they don’t like.



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One Response to Every vote counts… ‘cept yours & yours and well, ya you too

  1. Duh says:

    But sometimes it works out, right? I mean, if every vote counted Al Gore would be president right now. Sure the country’s in bad shape under Bush, but can you imagine what state we would be in under Al Gore. OMG! Clean, fresh air! Health care for everyone! Thousands of soldiers still alive!


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