Party like a rockstar

My friend, Cheri, had a surprise 50th Birthday party on Friday.  Her husband had rented out the private room, called Eve, on the 4th floor of the BOB downtown.  I didn’t even know that there was a 4th floor, let alone been up there.  But here I was… feeling all fancy.

To make it feel more exclusive (in my opinion), you can only access it from the elevator which helps explain why I’ve never heard about it.  As my friend Deb & I stepped off, they told us to go to right and follow the walkway all the way down.  We turn and I see this


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture or not, but that’s a glass bridge.  And when we first got there (unlike this picture), the sun was still shining and the glass was see thru.  Verysee thru.  Like all the way down see thru.

Isn’t this cool?” Deb asked me.  “Uh, ya… NO!” I tell her.  Obviously, she was unaware of my hatred for heights.  It’s something I try to work on because I don’t like fear controlling my life but I’m still petrified.  So I’m looking at the glass and I can feel my pulse quickening, my heart racing and my breath quickening.  Deb puts a foot on it to start across and I can hear my brain screaming ‘don’t walk on windows!!!’.  I completely expect her to go crashing thru even though logic tells me that people are on the other side so it has to be safe. 

Looking straight ahead, I walk across.  Deb keeps telling me to look down and see how high we are up.  She’s still not getting it but I forgive her.  She’s like 6ft tall so she’s used to being up high.

The private ‘room’ was BIG.  You could really have a wedding reception in there it was so big.  There was even a dance floor although I didn’t dance.  In fact, nobody did.  But it was still fun.  The food was ultra fancy.  I couldn’t recognize any of it besides some chicken but I have no idea what sauce was on it.  Deb ate the food and said it was good but since my stomach had been tore up all week, I had decided that eating was not my friend.

Cheri was very surprised.  I tried to catch the Kodak moment when she walked thru the doors and we all yelled surprise but it was dark and I missed it.  But here are some other pics of the place


This was our private bar and our bartenders.  They were super fast and the drinks were free so how do you complain?


Very cool fireplace


Part of the room

That’s all the pics that turned out at all.  Bar pics just don’t photograph well on camera phones.  What can I say?  Deb & I had fun.  And a very happy birthday to Cheri, who is smokin’ hot at 50!  If only I had gotten a picture of her (yeah, hindsight) but she looks a lot like Jamie Lee Curtis.  Happy Birthday Cheri!!!!


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2 Responses to Party like a rockstar

  1. How was your appointment with the accountant? Did everything go well? I am a procrastinator too, and you did a great job in finding a picture to go with your blog post.

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