Sprucin up the joint

As time goes on, I manage to learn just a sliver more about technology/blogging.  Tonight, I have mastered a ‘widget’ called Sonific.  I guess mastered is a strong word.  Let’s say I’ve learned basic usage of sonific.  It’s a cool tool that lets me share a playlist with you.  So from now on, I can not only share pictures and words but songs too.  How cool is that? 

For those of you that have similar taste in music, you’re in for a treat.  For those that would rather stab themselves in the ear with a rusty icepick than listen to my tunes, well… you can always go to the bottom of the page and press pause whenever you come by my parts.  I’ve set the volume to automatically be at 50% so if you can and want to rock out,  then turn it up man. 

Being honest with myself and you, I can almost guarantee that the playlist will change frequently.  I am a self professed victim of ADD when it comes to music and I might just drive my most loyal readers mad with the range of music that I like.  Once again, if you no likey… press the pause button.  Some songs will be for you and some for me.

I also changed themes (the look of the blog) once again because I just haven’t found one that feels like me.  This one is closer.  Let me know what you think.


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7 Responses to Sprucin up the joint

  1. Chris, when I first opened my blog I had this template. Just a warning that a lot of times the comments go onto the wrong posts. A commenter thinks he’s commenting on a certain post, but then his comment shows up on a totally different post. There’s a bug in the code on this template. 😦 It is very very pretty though.

  2. Chris says:

    I had that happen earlier. But I went to edit them and they went back to the original post. Fortunately, I guess, not a lot of people comment LOL 😀 so I’ll see how long it takes before it drives me nuts.

    Thanks for the headsup FW! I’m glad you are posting everday. Gives me something to read.

  3. Duh says:

    This looks like Me’s blog. Why you be stealin Me’s blog?

    This song makes me want to tinkle. I kinda like it.

  4. Chris says:

    It does look like Me’s blog. I didn’t even recognize that until you said it. Ha- color me observant

    Not quite sure why this song makes you want to tinkle but if you ever need to take a drug test and can’t go, you can just hum it to yourself. That reminds me, I have more stupid stories about peeing in a cup than anyone should LOL. Maybe I’ll write a post just about that.

    I liked this song too. I had never heard it before but it is chill and has the same feel as my soul right now. I’ll change the song when my mood changes. But I seem to be stuck in this for the moment.

  5. R.G. says:

    Your musical ADD is apparant in the fact that you have this song on the same BLOG as “Push the little Daisys”. Don’t feel bad though, my daily playlist includes everything from Damian Marley to Paolo Natuni to Rolling Stones to Sugarland etc. etc. etc. oh yeah and of course a dash of Johny Cash (hey that rhymes).

  6. Chris says:

    Yaaa RG!!! I was afraid you got spooked away since you were incommunicato. I thought you would like this song since it’s chillax & you dig that. It reminds me of early Coldplay actually and I do luv them somethin fierce.

    I added a song to my big playlist just for you that I’ll probably add in a day or so. It’s called Ska in My Pocket. I had no idea what Ska was so I had to look it up on Urban dictionary. Such a useful tool.

  7. R.G. says:

    No I did not get spooked. However I was very dissapointed in “The Wife” for exposing me, but oh well. Chillax -would that be a Bartnism. I am not sure if you are taking song request but just in case you are not familiar with them you should check out Paolo Natuni (“New Shoes” is a great song and I think would be fitting for your BLOG) and Ray LaMontagne and of course any Reggea.

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