Spring Break 2008

We may not have had fabulous weather or sandy beaches of Florida, but we did have fun.  I tried to plan a ton of fun things for the kids to do so they wouldn’t notice that Dan was gone again to Indiana.  I’m not sure if I accomplished that goal but at least we had a good time.

Tuesday, the kids went to Emma’s friends (Kyla & Breanna) house.  I had some things that I had to take care of while they played and Nicole (their mom) was great and watched them so I could get it all done.  We all went to Taco Bell for lunch and Emma shocked us all by eating 2, yes 2, whole tacos.  Holy cow!  If you don’t get how huge that is, well… I can’t explain it.  Lil’ girl was an eating champ that day and when we met Dan’s parents at Steak & Shake later that night for dinner, she packed away all her food without me having to yell at her once.  Amazing!  After we ate, my in laws took us to see Horton Hears A Who.  Such a cute movie.  I didn’t expect to enjoy it or laugh as much as I did.  If you have little ones, I highly recommend taking them to see it.

We had plans to see the Butterfly Exhibit at the Frederik Meijer with Matt’s kids, Braeden & Jillian Wednesday morning.  I put the kids to bed as early as I could since they were both kind of crabby but we didn’t get home from the movie til about 8pm.  I would say that they were in bed and asleep by 8:45 I think.  While we slept, storms rolled in.  A gigantor boom of thunder woke me at 1:15am.  The kids don’t mind thunder or lightening but I figured such a HUGE boom might upset them.  I heard nothing.  No, I really heard nothing.  The eery silence made me realize that the power was out.  I knew the kids would be scared when they woke.  Not from the thunder but from the darkness. 

I got both of them and we all layed in my bed.  I had no idea how long the power would be out but I knew we all needed to get some sleep.  I told them to close their eyes and go to sleep but that was easier said than done.  Both of them were wiggle britches and fought going to sleep or letting me sleep.  Gerrit fell asleep around 4am I think and Emma not until closer to 5am.  I know this because they both kept me awake while they did their best to fight off sleep.  The power came back on, thanks so much, at 6:30am.  We got up at 7:30am to get ready, groggy but committed to going.

The exhibit itself was cool.  I took a bagillion pictures to share.

Jillian & Emma

Gerrit, Jillian, Emma & Braeden

Jillian as a butterfly

Emma as a butterfly

Gerrit as a butterfly

Emma looking thru her pamplet to see the names of the butterflies she saw

Gerrit ducking to avoid the butterflies that thought his hat was a really cool flower

Posing next to some flowers.  She is such a camera hog LOL

Just one of the many many many butterflies.  Pretty cool

The kids went down for a much needed nap when we got home.  They were exhausted.  The hours they spent awake in the middle of the night were catching up with them.  Sandy had invited them to go see Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium with her kids while I got our taxes done.

Emma sleeping at naptime

They got home later than what I wanted but what can you do?  The next day, I was watching baby Nadia during the day but then we went bowling for the very first time with Sandy and her boys.  You know I took some pics too

Gerrit bowling the first time

Watching the ball to see if she got any pins

She gets that moving her body to control the ball as she watches it go down from me

Such a good time.  Friday was pretty low key.  The kids needed a break from constant going and I needed to clean my house and go grocery shopping.  Baby Nadia came over during the day and Dan came home.  The kids were excited (of course) to have him here and talked their little heads off to him.

Pretty fab week if you ask me.  True, it rained all week and the weather was cold but we had a lot of memory making moments and a lot of new experiences.  I would say that Spring Break 2008 really did rock.


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One Response to Spring Break 2008

  1. Awesome! I love this theme and heartily approve of how nice your photos look with the little border.

    Life, Love and Happiness: sounds like you were living up to your blog’s name this week. 🙂 I’ll try to get back to posting again tomorrow.

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