Take that patience

You know when it’s not ok to back up?  When you don’t have enough room.  I assumed everyone with a valid driver’s license was aware of this but I just met the person that didn’t.

I was at a drive thru window, picking up some lunch for the kids.  I gave the lady at the first window my card and waited as she swiped it.  There were 2 cars in front of me and as I waited, I saw an employee come out with a bag of food and hand it to the Bronco directly in front of me.  The other guy at the window was still chilling there but the Bronco was obviously done waiting.  She started backing up and I say ‘hey, what are you doing?’.  Now, I realize that she couldn’t hear me but talking to other driver’s is a habit that I’m ok with.  The lady working the first window can hear me so she turns and looks as the Bronco hits me.  It wasn’t a massive hit or anything but it was completely obvious that she really didn’t try not to.  If she hadn’t intended on hitting me, she wouldn’t have backed up at all since there was only about a foot of room.  I honk my horn like WTF???  And she gets out (without moving her car forward mind you) and looks at my bumper. 

“Sorry” she says “There’s no damage.  Sorry, he wouldn’t move in front of me.”

Now, I understand frustrating times when you are stuck behind some idiot and unable to move your car.  I think we’ve all had fantasies at those times of ramming them or driving over them.  But I’ve never thought to myself ‘I’ll just back into that innocent person behind me who’s just as stuck as me’.  I don’t know why.  I guess I just never saw it as an option.  If she was so frustrated that she just had to hit someone, why not the person who is causing the problem?  Why hit me?  I know she saw me.  My vehicle is massive.  You can’t not see me.

Besides that, she had just gotten her food.  It’s not like she got her food and then waited another 5min for the guy in front of her to leave.  Her complete time in line was only like 2min so far and as soon as they handed her the food, she threw it in reverse. 

I’m afraid that she was just an idiot.  And it’s sad when idiots get driver’s licenses.  I’m sure she’s the type of driver who just keeps going and going until she bumps the car in front of her while parking too.  Yeah, that jerk.  The sad thing is, some Cavalier almost did the same exact thing on Tuesday.  I don’t know… maybe I accidentally have my invisible shield engaged.  I better hurry up and find the off button.


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7 Responses to Take that patience

  1. VforVelocity says:

    This reminds me of the time Matt and I went to get lunch at Wendy’s. As we got out of our car in the parking lot this lady pulls up in the space right in front of ours and bumps us – bumped us enough that my shoe dragged on the ground and left an ugly scuff mark. The lady gets out of the car and doesn’t say anything – just grabs her stuff and starts walking to the restaurant. I got out, looked at Matt in complete disbelief and turned towards this idiot lady and said, “Umm, do you even realize you hit us?” She looked at us like we were bugs she just stepped on and said, “Yeah well…” I swear it took every ounce of strength in me not to smack her in the face. And then to make matters worse, she stood in front of us the entire time we were in line. If looks could kill I would be a murderer!

  2. Duh says:

    You guys don’t have police in the Midwest? You don’t confront someone that hit your car and tries to leave. You let them leave and get their license plate number then call the police. Hit and run, baby!

  3. VforVelocity says:

    Oh they have police where I live in the Southwest, but as there was no damage to our car we didn’t think it was worth it. Now if she had done some damage, I would have called the cops in an instant! The nerve of some people is so amazing to me!

  4. Chris says:

    I guess I forget these rules like not confronting people. It was one of those reaction things. She hit me and I had to say something.

    Speaking of hit and run, somebody really did hit us and take off when I was pregnant with Emma. I wasn’t very far along, maybe 2 months and I started spotting a little. I was so freaked out. The ER doctor was a total jerk and didn’t say anything to try to make me feel better. All he said was that if I was miscarrying, they couldn’t do anything anyways so I might as well go home. Thanks jerk-off.

    Some people really do have a lot of nerve but this particular lady was truly just an idiot. I could tell from the limited interaction that we had that she wasn’t going to win any episodes of Jeapordy.

  5. lwayswright says:

    I noticed that you read some of my blog. There is a post on there about an accident I had recently where I got rearended by a woman not looking where she was going as well. However, mine ended up with several thousand dollars of damage. My car has been in the body shop for a week now! I suffered some lower back injury as well….all because someone couldn’t see a red light, put on brakes and stop their car before plowing into me and pushing me through the crosswalk into the intersection! Not fun stuff. So, I understand your need to “wish” for patience. There are days. …. and that brings me to the subject of teenage drivers…..anyone????LOL

  6. lwayswright says:

    Oh and did I mention we waited over 2 hours for the cops to show up and 3 911 calls later not one did??? We ended up having to collect the info ouselves, and deal with it all on our own with no help from police! And we live in the southwest…AZ to be exact. And they had told us to leave the cars in the intersection that whole time, making it another accident waiting to happen. Geez!

  7. Chris says:

    I did pop over there really quick but didn’t have time to read much. I’ll have to go read the accident one. Being rear-ended stinks because normally you can see it coming but can’t stop it. I got rear-ended 2 times when I drove school bus. Now don’t tell me you can’t see a SCHOOL BUS!

    Our police response time is normally very fast unless we’re dealing with really bad snow conditions. Then you’re pretty much on your own. But I think Michiganders all realize that when the weather is so awful. We tend to deal with it a lot.

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