So this sucks

Friday night, Dan decided on the spur of the moment to get his car washed at this gas station he was passing by.  He started to go thru and then BAM!  The brush on the driver side broke the glass in his mirror.

Not only did it break the glass but apparently there is fluid in it that helps it self dim to keep delicate eyes from terribly bright headlights at night.  All the fluid began flying and dripping all over his truck.  So then this happened

Dan went in immediately and told them it broke his mirror.  The chick working just gave him the manager’s name and the phone number.  She said the manager would be in Sat morning.  I asked Dan if they filled out any incident report or anything and he said no. 

He drove up there Sat morning at 6am to catch the manager but she wasn’t in.  He spent the rest of the weekend worrying about it.  I finally told him that I would take his truck up there today and talk to them.  He was sure they would say there wasn’t anything they could do and too bad.  But they were actually very nice.  I filled out a report and spoke with the manager and her boss too.  They looked at the damage and told me to talk to my insurance company although I’m not going to go that route.  He also said that I should go get an estimate from a body shop.  I’ll be heading out to the dealership in a bit. 

Hopefully, Dan can stop stressing out now.  He’s been freaking out for the last 2.5 days about it.  I know it won’t be a cheap repair but we won’t be footing the bill so thats good at least.  I’ll keep you updated on the outcome.


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