Sunday was Mother’s Day & a relaxing, fun time in Ludington.  But today, we are home and playtime is over.  Back to the same ole problems we left behind us.  One of those problems is dealing with our renters.  It’s been interesting to say the least being a landlord.  At no time would I call it fun.  More times than not, it’s a giant headache that feeds upon itself.  Always something to fix, always chasing after your rent, always a story behind the money and always drama.  I don’t think we have high expectations in a renter either.  We expect them to not trash our house, pay us on time & no illegal activities.  Is that too much?  I’m almost thinking that it is.

A few months ago, our renter had told me that she thought she was coming up on the list to be accepted for Section 8.  I don’t really know anything about the program other than the state pays a portion of the person’s rent.  No problem for me.  I figure we’re guaranteed at least a portion of our rent that way.  Great!  I do know that the state comes in to inspect the house and make sure it’s up to code and yada yada.  No problem there either, right?  We’re not slum lords.  We keep the house in good order.  We’ve replaced a lot of stuff there including the furnace and put on a brand new garage door.  Their master bedroom is completely brand new since Dan built it just before they moved in and is much larger than our own bedroom.  I figured inspections would be a simple thing with maybe a few minor problems.

I talked to our renter today after she had her Section 8 orientation and she called afterwards to tell me how it went and what we need to do.  She tells me some details about what we need to do and I listen.  I don’t know what it was but I think to myself, she’s lying.  I ask her about the rent check that was supposed to be mailed out 8 days before that.  She had specifically told me that she would get it mailed out that Sat.  And then when I asked her on the next Wed. if it had been mailed, she said yeah… it’s mailed.  So I flat out ask her this time, what day did you mail it?  She tells me that he mailed it like Thurs or Friday.  Wow!  Now I know flat out that she’s lying to me now.

Up til now, she had always been on the up and up.  If rent was going to be short or late, she always called and let me know.  We have always worked with her and been patient.  We know sometimes life gets hard and since she’s always let us know what was going on, we respected that.  I mean, she’s 1.5months behind right now.  Why does she feel the need to start lying to me now? 

So I call the Housing Department myself to verify information.  Now that she’s lied to me, I don’t trust anything she says.  I would say that I’m naturally prone to double check what people I don’t know well tell me, now I’m doubting everything she’s been telling me and if I don’t hear it for myself, she’s going.  I talk to the Housing Department and they give me the real deal.  It’s not our house that is the problem, it’s her voucher.  It only entitles her to 2 bedrooms, not the 3 we have.  So we would have to decrease our rent to the state’s 2 bedroom standard if she were to stay.  But our rentor had told me that we were over the 3 bedroom standard and needed to come down if she was going to stay.  There were some other falsehoods that I discovered in that conversation.  None made me any happier with her.

So now… she’s got to go.  Now she’s lying and trying to pull one over on us.  Got to go.  I’m not cold hearted but if you’re going to try to scam money from my family… you got to go.   Time to kick rocks.  Peace out.

Know anybody that wants to rent a 3 bedroom house in the hood?


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