I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot

We have been on a slow search for a newer vehicle for me the last couple months.  A good friend of mine, Cheri, owns a car lot and her wonderful son (Matt) has been looking at the auctions for my latest crush.  I say crush because I am totally in love with the GMC Envoy XL.

They are such a nice, smooth ride.  Just thinking about driving one makes me all warm and fuzzy in my heart.  Right now, I have a ’98 Expedition

and I love it but it’s getting old.  We bought it with 130,000 miles on it 3.5yrs ago and it has 165,000 on it now.  Little things are starting to go and we figure it’s time to upgrade before it nickel and dimes us to death.  Better to trade it in when it’s still worth something even if it’s not a lot.

So we went and checked one out yesterday at a different dealership.  It seemed like it was a good deal so we took the 20min drive out to see it.  Of course it drove awesomely and was hard to bring back but I knew it wouldn’t be mine when the sales guy told us what he would give us for our vehicle’s trade in.  I think Dan was ready to try to haggle some more but I knew Steve (the sales guy) wasn’t anywhere near the ballpark we were playing in. 

On the drive home, Dan gave me a lecture about expecting too much vehicle for too little money.  I think he was highly irritated with me.  I told him that my expectations weren’t that high considering that most people are dumping SUV’s and you should be able to get them pretty dirt cheap these days.  I’m an anomaly in today’s world.  Most of the population is running to a compact car and I still want a SUV, albeit smaller than I currently have.  Knowing this, I feel like I have a better poker hand than the sales guy.  I don’t have to jump on his first offer because it means more to him than to me.  There’s more Envoys for sale but are there a ton more people our there that are crushing on them so much?  Prolly not.

And the other thing is that my friend’s son is still looking out for one.  I know that they’ll give me a good deal and/or tell me when a deal is too good not to take.  I checked with Matt if what the guy was offering was decent and he laughed.  Not a chance.  See… I knew I know something about something.  I may not know a whole lotta about cars but something I do know about is being cheap and how to spot a giant load of BS.

The search continues *sigh*  I’ll let you know when I find my love.  I know the perfect Envoy XL is out there.  Til then, I just have to play hard to get


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11 Responses to I’m not a playa, I just crush a lot

  1. Crush is a perfect way to describe your relationship with this car! You think you’re in love, but it is not in your best interest. *cough* SUBARU *cough*

    Heck, I know it’s sweet to have an SUV, but the price of gas doesn’t scare you?

  2. Chris says:

    Of course the gas prices are uber scary to everybody. There’s a few factors that helped me decide what vehicle I wanted.

    First of all… room. Yes, we only have 2 kids but we also have 2 dogs that weigh about 70lbs each. They go with us frequently places. A car just would not accomodate the pups in with the kids. I’m sure Bailey would be fine but Scout is way too much a spaz to ride next to children without knocking into them. We looked at minivans for a hot second and I realized that they get no better gas mileage than the Envoy. Also, I do have to take other kids places sometimes and thats not possible if there’s no more room.

    Secondly, I want a vehicle with 4×4. We get slammed with snow every winter and I’ve driven vehicles in the winter with and without 4×4. I prefer 4×4. I also enjoy throwing on the A4W when it is downpouring. A little bit of extra grip is great when I have my babies in the car.

    Third thing, after driving a school bus for so many years, I realize the impact of having your vehicle slightly higher than others. School buses are regulated by law how high they have to be because it’s safer being slightly elevated. The point of impact will be lower on the passengers bodies if t-boned and therefore the severity of injuries should be lower as well. All I know, is if someone runs a red light and hits me in the side, I would rather be in a SUV than a escort.

    And really, the Envoy’s that I’ve driven and research that I’ve done say that city MPG is 18 and highway somewhere around 22. Thats way better than the 10-12 MPG that I get right now so in my world, it is more fuel efficient. LOL

    Strangely enough, I have done so much research into what my next vehicle would be. It’s so unlike me but if you’ve read the June Cleaver (and I know you did 😉 post, you know that aliens have now invaded my body and make me act like an adult.

    This is the first time that I’ve chosen a vehicle based on research combined with my desired outcome. Not just what’s pretty. I looked over a ton of vehicles before I decided that the Envoy is for me. And a subaru outback’s mpg is listed at 19/26 which isn’t much different than what I’ll get. I do almost zero highway on the regular.

    I don’t think that I would be such a crazy about 4×4 if we lived somewhere that didn’t get so much snow. We get all the crazy lake effect snow showers and sometimes we take a pounding.

    AND the most important thing… she rides like butta 😉

  3. Traci says:

    I, too, have been researching my next vehicle like an adult! Of course, I had other desired outcomes, but I wan’t looking for pretty either : )! Of course I wasn’t, I’m crushing on the Toyota Prius – probably one of the least attractive cars on the market! But….it is fuel efficient and greener than most vehicles and was rated very high by Consumer Reports for safety and reliability (I am my dad!). I will also price insurance to make sure it is affordable! Now…getting Rob to drive it without looking like a douche bag..that is another story :)!

    I’m hoping my 2000 Cavy lasts a few more years though…I’m so cheap when it comes to vehicles and let’s face it, the car is a CLASSIC! Who could possibly be cooler than me driving my little (rated as a sports car by my insurance company – yes I’m not kidding!) black Cavy!

  4. Oh okay. I didn’t factor in the dogs.

  5. Chris says:

    You SO your dad! It’s great. And I can not even imagine Rob fitting in it let alone driving it. But you will love it. I was just reading a news story the other day that the Prius is becoming one of the most demanded vehicles I believe world wide. Particularly because of fuel costs. Somedays, I do miss my Tercel. Can you believe I used to fill up it’s tank with $10? My brain can barely register that.

    I’m such an irresponsible dog owner that I haven’t even blogged about them! I can’t believe it either. I have about a gagillion pictures of them. That will be my next post. I keep thinking about writing about my ‘zoo’ but then something else happens and yada yada.

    Don’t feel bad for giving me a hard time about the SUV. EVERYONE questions me about it. And I mean EVERYONE! I’ve got pretty thick skin so you would have to try really really hard to get under it 😉 I love that you make me think though. You’re such a good blogging buddy 😀

  6. Henry's mom says:

    But of course there is always the mini-van. It fits 2 bikes and a baby! Ahhh Brian is finally living the dream.

  7. Duh says:

    Don’t forget tires. SUV tires are a helluva lot more than mini van tires. I had a Chevy Trailblazer (the Envoy’s twin) for a few years. It did have a sweet, smooth ride, and it turned on a dime. But I NEVER got more than 20 mpg, EVER! And I drive like a MawMaw.

    I like the new little Mazda crossovers, but I don’t cart around two giant dogs either. That’s funny that you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars a month on gas for a vehicle for your dogs. They’d probably appreciate a couple steaks every week instead of going on trips. Ask ’em.

  8. Chris says:

    I asked ’em and they said they would rather go to Grandma & Grandpa’s house every Sunday and out to our friend’s houses and cottages. They also said “don’t be hatin”… specially on big fluffy bunny rabbits.

    At first, it did seem wierd to get a vehicle to accomodate the dogs but then I thought about what matters to us. Some people need a vehicle that they can haul their bikes or 4 wheelers around. People always make choices on vehicles based upon their personal preference and lifestyle. Our lifestyle just happens to include 4 legged creatures that we take a lot of places. I’m sure some people think we’re crazy. I think mountain climbers are insane personally but they’ll still be climbing them mountains regardless of what I think.

    In fairness to my sanity though, I would like to point out the fact that I only fill up 1x every other week. I know lots of people that drive cars and have to fill up every week. So if I fill my tank up for $75 every 2wks and Joe Schmoe fills his car for $55 every week, whats the difference? That’s not hundreds of dollars a month. I don’t drive as much as regular folk. I stay pretty much in a 10mile radius of my house for the most part. And more than just dogs go in the back part. Thats why I want 3 rows. I can fit a bunch of people in my suv when we’re going shopping or some other fun adventure. Isn’t it better to car pool than take 2 cars? Isn’t that greener? How can you car pool if you only have a car and you both have kids?

    Is it weird if I buy a vehicle just so I can tow our fishing boat?

  9. Duh says:

    You’re so defensive about this! Look at your huge comments. LOL You don’t have to justify your choice of vehicle to anybody. If you are happy with it, go for it.

    But I reserve the right to make fun of you. BAHAHAHA!

  10. Chris says:

    Obviously, I do have to justify it. Hater. You’re lucky you made reservations or you wouldn’t be able to. You should have been here Saturday when we had people over. Everyone was hating on me. You would have loved it.

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