Why I’ll never leave the house without my fur


It has come to my attention that I’ve been slacking in a major way.  I have never talked about the zoo we have going on here.  It started simply enough 12 years ago when Dan & I first moved in together and we found Quigley at the pet store Dan worked at.  She was adorable and someone else was about to adopt her if we didn’t do it right then!  I snatched her up and she’s been my Quigley, Quiglebomb & Quigles since then.  She’s an amazingly sweet but dumb cat.  Her favorite things include licking earlobes (yes, you read that right) and drinking water directly from the bathroom sink faucet.  She adores Emma and tries to sleep in there with her all the time.  On the rare occasions that Emma takes naps, I tend to let her.  I remember being a little girl and wanting a cat so bad!  And it seems a shame to not let them have their time.

The next addition was Cash a couple of months later.  He was a Christmas present from Dan & Matt and I named him after Johnny Cash.  He was just a little kitten when we got him and he used to try to nurse off of Quigley (obviously not successfully) for about the first year.  If he got really scared or at night, he would try to nurse and weirdly enough, she would let him.  She’d groom him and they bonded quickly.  Back in the day, he used to play fetch with balled up papers which were one of his favorite toys.  Nowadays, he hides out mostly in the basement.  He’s had a hard time adjusting (still) to the kids and the dogs.  Sometimes I wonder if he would be happier some where else but I can’t imagine who would adopt a 12yr old cat who is temper mental.  This is Cash laying next to Emma when she was a baby.

For some strange reason, when I was 8 months pregnant for Emma, Dan & I thought it would be a perfect time to get a puppy.  Looking back, I’m so glad we did it then but good lord… what were we thinking?  After looking for a while at different puppies, Dan found Bailey.  The people that had bred her had named her Daisy but we quickly changed that.  She was 12wks old when we brought her home and adorable.




She is often called Princess Bailey and she thinks she is the Queen dog.  She’s willing to consent to people but other animals are a different story entirely.  She adores kids and she is our watchdog whenever kids are outside playing.  If they venture away from adults, she can be found right next to them watching out (for ninjas I always say).  If they are in the sandbox, she is right next to it, on guard.  And when Dan is gone overnight, she’ll sleep out in the living room to keep watch of all of us.  She’s 1/2 yellow lab, 1/2 white German Shepard.  She’s a really good dog and just turned 5.


Our next addition was Scout.  He was the result of Dan’s crazy uncle’s bad choice.  His uncle decided he wanted a puppy but when he got Scout home, he discovered that he was terrified of it.  Scout lasted 36hrs with crazy Uncle Phil before he came to live with us.  I blame all of Scout’s bad behavior on those 36hrs.  Lord only knows what it was like.  He was 8wks old when he came to live here.


I originally said no to Scout but Dan persisted and I gave in.  I had always wanted a yellow lab but I just wasn’t ready for another dog at that point.  I guess I got ready because he quickly became my dog.  I did allhis training and playing and snuggling.  Scout loves pretty much everything except being alone.  He has no clue how big he is and tries to lay on the arms of the couch (like a cat) or on your lap.  He is great with the kids and the only dog I’ve ever seen that responds to children’s commands.  In my experience, dogs will normally ignore what kids say to them, either out of not understanding them or them not being the pack leader.  But if Emma or Gerrit tell Scout to move or come, he does.  Dan’s mom has nick-named him Sir Lick-a-lot and he desperately tries to live up to that name.  Even if he can’t reach your face, he’ll just lick the air.  He’s a very silly dog but he’s starting to become really good.  I think in a year when he’s 2, he’ll be a fantastic dog.  He is very protective of me when it comes to people he doesn’t know.  He’s not ferocious but he lets them know that he means business until I tell him it’s ok.  I gotta say, I’m not ever scared for someone to break into our house with them around.

We also have a big aquarium with fish in it.  The kids love to watch it and we’re trying to do a better job of keeping these ones alive.  I have a hard time remembering to feed them but the kids usually remind me.  We had a snake for a while because Dan just loves snakes but after about 9months, he realized that he just didn’t have the time or the energy to be down in the basement with the snake.  I never understood the poing of the snake, especially since this one was mean and you weren’t supposed to handle it anyways.  Whatever… Dan brought the snake back about a month ago (YAAA!) and got instore credit for more fish.  Emma and Gerrit picked some out and they’re much happier with those.  Emma keeps begging for another white puppy (cuz we don’t have enough of those????), a rabbit, a guinea pig and a baby goat.  I told her when she’s all grown up, she can have as many animals as she wants but for now, nothing more that eats is moving into this house.

I found out while organizing the pictures in my computer, I have entirely too many pictures of my dogs so I’ll share them with you.  Does anyone wonder why I always have some kind of fur on my clothes?




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8 Responses to Why I’ll never leave the house without my fur

  1. Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. Duh says:

    I think you need a Pomeranian. Then your menagerie would be complete.

  3. They are so sweet! I like the photo of Princess Bailey with the tiara. That is funny. Watch out for those pesky ninjas. 😀

  4. Traci says:

    Yeah! Finally chat about the furry kids! I am soooo glad you didn’t bash Cash – I have to admit that I was worried that when I got to him you might be mean – thanks for showing him some love!

  5. Chris says:

    I just asked him and he said he wishes he could live with you Traci 😉 How did I go this long without talking about the furbabies? Isn’t that crazy? The sad thing is I didn’t even use close to as many pictures I could have of them. Sad… so sad.

    FW, poor Princess Bailey has to suffer such indignities as tiaras because I think it’s hilarious. The look on her face was that of ‘why do you do this to me?’ when I pressed the button that made the tiara light up. The main heart has a glare in the picture because it actually lights up and changes colors. At least I haven’te started dressing her. I can’t say my cat was that lucky growing up 😀

    We’ve never (and will never) have a Pomeranian but we did have a bunny rabbit. The neighborhood boys were mean and hurt her, then she died. It was fun while we had her. Traci had a bunny named Lucky at one time. Don’t you wish you had a rabbit? A big giant fluffy one.

  6. Scott (Nicole's Husband) says:

    <blockquote.I blame all of Scout’s bad behavior on those 36hrs.

    I did all his training

    I was browsing (stalking as Nicole put it) through Nicole’s bookmarks, and starting reading your blog. Those 2 statements just jumped out at me….not trying to say anything…

  7. Chris says:

    Hi Scott! Thanks for stalking 😀 It makes me so happy to find real people I actually know reading my blog instead of the random/wierd peeps that google stuff like ‘how to tell if she’s lying’ and ‘how to get your neighbors to move’. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it and thanks for commenting. So many choose not to 😦

    Now, I can see what you’re getting at by pointing out those 2 quotes. Let me assure you though, that none of Scout’s bad behavior was from me or my training. You need to think of it in terms of post tramatic stress syndrome for dogs/puppies. I think he has flashbacks sometimes and it makes him go nuts. If you wanted to blame me for his massive impovement over the year and a half that we’ve had him though… I take full blame 😉

  8. Scott (Nicole's Husband) says:

    I don’t know, I guess I can accept that explanation. It’s a bit hard to swallow, because as you know, my dogs are perfect 😉

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