Calgon, take me away


I am so tired.  I had offered to my sister a while ago that her 2 youngest (Madi & Hayden) could spend the weekend here.  My oldest niece, Brooke, had a soccer tournament in Traverse City this weekend and the younger 2 would have been miserable sitting there watching her play for 2 days.  Besides, Emma & Gerrit are constantly asking when they can come over and play so I thought it would be a great time.

They arrived about 1pm on Friday and started playing hard.  The weather was beautiful here all weekend and they stayed outside most of the time.  There was a lot to play with out there.  I had gotten a bubble machine and water balloons.  We have a slide and swing set, balls to kick, water guns.  Plenty to keep 4 kids occupied the whole weekend, right?  Yes and no.  The problem with watching two 3 year olds, a 4 year old and a newly turned 6 year old is that they still need help with a lot of things.  I found myself constantly doing something for someone.  The kids weren’t bad or difficult.  In fact, they were really good.  The odds are just stacked against you when there are 4 against 1.  Someone is always needing something.  I would just get breakfast made and cleaned up and they were bugging me for a snack.  Then a minute later, it’s time to start making lunch.   Ugh…  My hat goes off to those of you with 4 or more children.  I hope you have a lot Excedrin in your house.  I know I depleted my supply over the last few days.

It finally got warm enough on Sunday to bust out the sprinkler and slip & slide.  They had the best time playing together and it was so adorable to see how much fun they have with their cousins.  The boys are only 4 months apart and are like 2 peas in a pod.  Dan & I were laughing, listening outside Gerrit’s room when they were supposed to be going to sleep.  We had no idea what either of them was saying but it was hilarious to both of them.  The laughing finally gave way to sleep for them about 20min later.  But the girls, they needed way more ‘encouragement’ to stop talking and go to sleep.  It is amazing just how much two little girls can talk.  Phew

Unfortunately, because I was busy doing stuff most of the time, I didn’t get a lot of pictures or videos but here’s what I do have.  Enjoy.  I’ll be on the phone, scheduling Dan’s vasectomy ***i wish*** 


Emma slightly wet from the sprinkler

Madi for real wet from the sprinkler

Gerrit taking a break from the slip and slide

The kids all relaxing Sunday night at Dan’s parents house

Hayden & Gerrit chillin on the swing

Trying to get a picture of both boys looking at me while I take their picture

Obviously not gonna happen

Madi & Emma sitting on a chair… they were supposed to be smiling

Another attempt at a smile but Emma was Crabby VonGrumperbutt at this point

Hayden had been sliding down face first… can you tell?

Gerrit checking out Grandma’s new water fountain


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One Response to Calgon, take me away

  1. That’s so nice that they were outside most of the time. They sure are cute. I know what you mean about not wanting any more than two, though. It does look like it would wear me out and make me entirely too grumpy. There has to be an attitude shift so that you don’t think of yourself as a slave.

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