The face of a little man

My little buddy is not my baby anymore.  Gone are the exaggerated chubber chipmunk cheeks and the rounded face.  In it’s place is a longer version of the adorable face I know.  His cheeks are still full but in a little boy way instead of the baby I once held.  His hair has darkened and thickened.  His arms and legs have slimmed down and grown long.  And the big boy clothes I never thought he would wear without rolling them up, now fit him perfectly.

I knew this day would come.  I remember about a year ago when it happened to Emma.  One day she was my baby and toddler, then poof… she had mysteriously transformed while sleeping into a little girl.  I knew it would come and I looked forward to the next stage of their lives.  I don’t wish for a baby, I don’t even wish for them to be babies again but it does make me pause.  I’ll reflect today on how fast the time goes.  How quick they grow and change.  I’ll blink back tears and consider how soon the day will come when I’ll be wondering where their childhood went.  The time between now and when they are graduating, going to college and getting married will go so fast.  I know it will and I’ll try to hold on as long as I can to all the stages of their lives before we get there.  

So today, I’ll play silly little reindeer games with them.  I’ll tickle them and chase them around while they still want to be chased.  I’ll read the cute Little Quack book that they love and make funny faces with them.  We’ll laugh and enjoy today.  It’ll be gone tomorrow.

 A year ago

 Fell asleep on the couch

 8 months old in the tub

 Last summer

 My babies… awwww  Emma 1.5yrs Gerrit 4 months

 Summer ’05 in the sandbox

 July ’07


 Still adorable… just bigger



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4 Responses to The face of a little man

  1. I love the progression of these photos. Your children are adorable.

  2. Duh says:

    See! And you’re always worried they aren’t eating enough.

  3. R.G. says:

    Tell Gerrit thanks for the shout-out on the T-shirt.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks FW! I think they are my adora bulls but I wonder what the rest of the world sees. Surely, they look as cute to them as to me 😉

    Duh, I do obsess about their eating. Well… Em’s at least. Gerrit will gladly eat most anything. His new favorite is green beans so ya for that.

    RG, ROFLMAO!!! I had to wait for my sinus meds to kick in before I knew what you were talking about. I like that… humor I have figure out. I still like the horse joke though… HAAAAAY 😀

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