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The latest bug to go around these days seems to have hit my sinus cavities.  It’s temporarily taken residence in my nose and around my eyes.  In fact, Sunday when I awoke, therewere giant puff balls under my eyeballs.  I ran out of sinus meds yesterday and figured I’d stop by the store on the way to meet my friends at a local restaurant last night.  I bought some and took my first dose at the restaurant.

As I sat there talking with my friends, I started getting so drowsy.  I kept thinking that maybe I had underestimated this bug and it was taking a bigger toll on me than I had previously thought.  I decided it was time to head home and hit the hay.  Nothing cures a bug better than rest right?

I drove home slowly.  My arms felt like a million pounds and I was starting to sniffle and tickle again.  I formulated a plan to take some more meds when I got home and go immediately to bed.  I took my 2nd dose and started to put the box in the cupboard but something caught my eye.  It said ‘compared to Tylenol Sinus Night timerelief’ (cuz you know I’m too cheap buy name brand right?).  Night time medicine?  What?  No wonder I had been so tired.  And now I had just taken a 2nd dose of sleepytime.  Great.

I’m happy to say that I’m not dead.  I really had no concern of dying from taking 2 doses but it did make me crazy groggy.  It didn’t help that Gerrit woke up 4 times last night and Emma 1 time.  Really kids?  Do you secretly plot against your mother?  Maybe tonight… blessed sleep.  Until then, I’ll be in zombie mode.


***While looking for the picture above, I ran across this comic.  I thought it was hilarious and ironic since it’s my name.  Please enjoy***


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6 Responses to Read better

  1. vivavegas99 says:

    Poor Chris. Nuthin wrong with generics but Good God woman, read the labels! HAHAHA 🙂

  2. Was last night any better? I sometimes feel like I am being plotted against too.

  3. Chris says:

    It was better FW. Thanks for asking. Animals and children alike aligned to be quiet for once in this house. It’s just a numbers game with all the things that are alive here. If it’s not kids, it’s cats and if not cats then dogs. But every so often, I get to sleep peacefully thru the night. Or maybe I was just so tired that I didn’t wake up. Dan likes to tell me that I need to not wake up so easy. Thats cool… how do I learn to sleep heavier? Silly man.

    Julz… I tell you. People with crazy sinus pressure should not be left to buy their own meds. And what happened to making the pills blue when they have sleepytime in them? I would have looked twice if it were blue. Hopefully, I learned something from it.

    Has anybody tried the link? Does it work for you? I can’t get it to come up and the caption under the cartoon is whats so funny.

  4. I tried the link and the page came up blank, but when I just put my mouse over the link I can see the top half. I wanted to know what the punch line was!

  5. Chris says:

    What happens if you just click this?

  6. Chris says:

    Ok, it’s just not going to work and I don’t know why. Here’s the caption under the picture

    “Broke, homeless and Hooked On Phonics, eight year old Christine turns to a life of crime”

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