Dancing Queen

Emma was dancing around the living room today while watching cartoons.  I was watching her and the following conversation took place…

Emma “Do you see how I dance?”

Me “Ya!  Emma you dance beautifully.  I can’t believe how good you are.  Mommy has to get you in a dance class really soon.”

Emma with a pause and puzzled look on her face ” A dance class?  Cuz you want to learn to dance as pretty as me?”

I love that my daughter naturally assumed she would be teaching the dance class.  After all, she has had all her training from Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses


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2 Responses to Dancing Queen

  1. LOL! Check at your recreation center. I put my daughter in a rec class that was only $60 for 12 times! But the tights and slippers and leotard cost more than that. 😥

  2. There are ways to make taking lessons less painful.  Schedule them in the evening, allowing yourselves enough time to go out for cocktails and dinner first.  Or at least leave yourselves enough time for two or three drinks before your dancing lesson and then go out to dinner afterwards.  It cuts the anxiety level and makes the lessons a whole lot more fun.  Don’t get drunk — that would be a big waste of your money.  But I find that my wedding couples are looser and more relaxed while they learn to dance to their song if they’ve had a little something to relax them.  You’ll probably have had a couple drinks before you dance at your wedding reception, so it’s a good idea in general.  Doesn’t everybody remember the rule about “state-dependent memory” we all learned about in Psych 101?  If you practice with a buzz and you dance with a buzz, you’ll be fine.  If you practice with a buzz, and dance sober — you’re screwed!  Not sure the rule applies here in the strictest sense of the phrase, but I think you get my point.

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