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Watch out Toyota, GM’s bringing their A game to town.  GM CEO Rick Wagoner has announced moving the Chevy Volt from a concept car to production.  GM is confident thus far that it could launch it’s revolutionary car by 2010 (scary that it’s not that far away). 

While comparisons will be made to the already wildly popular Prius, from what I’ve read so far, GM is already trying to make the distinction that they don’t consider this a hybrid but an extended-range electronic car (E-REV). 

I don’t know too much about cars but the Volt has a little more style to it than the Prius.  At least in my taste.  I’m sure Toyota will continue to corner the market with the granola crunchy people and the Volt will draw out those that want to be more ‘green’ conscious but want to look good doing it.  As always, price will be a major factor for us regular folk and I can’t help but wonder what this increased demand on energy (i.e. electricity) will do to our already hit economy.  Lord knows, with gas prices and food going thru the roof, the last thing we need is electricity blowing up on us.

I say keep on keeping on though.  Keep bringing us new concepts and ideas.  I think we’re all aware of how out of control the oil prices are (whether real or contrived) and necessity is the mother of invention.  So go on wit yer bad self GM.  Do us Michiganders proud and start rolling ’em out from your Detroit-Hamtramck, Michigan plant.


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