The sky is crying

The sky is officially crying.  Can you see the tears roll down the street?  A part of  me is gone forever and I don’t know if I’ll find it again.  It started innocently enough.  I drove to the car lot to test drive a vehicle.  I parked my Expedition there and little did I know that a part of me would stay forever locked in it’s doors.

I don’t know what happened.  One minute, I’m test driving a Chrysler Pacifica (didn’t like it at all) and the next thing I know, I’m in a *gasp* minivan!!!!  What the heck?  Where did that come from?  I test drove it just to appease my friend’s husband, Ken.  He kept raving about it and said, “Just drive it down the street and come right back.  See how you like it”.  I had no idea the trap that was being laid for me. 

I laughingly jumped in and rolled my eyes when he said how people love them.  He seemed confident in his belief that driving this mom mobile would somehow hypnotize me with it’s perks and accessories.  Think again, Batman.

I pulled out of the lot onto the Beltline and I was surprised at how smooth and powerful the ride felt.  As I accelerated away from the light, I could easily beat the other cars and yet, it felt effortless… almost breezy.  I heard the wheel hit a bump but felt nothing.  Wow.  At another red light, I turned around and looked at the cabin space.  Holy cow… there sure is a lot of room in here, I thought to myself.  I could hear my soul screaming at me not to give it any credit.  I tried to call Dan and get reinforcement but he didn’t answer his phone.  I needed to stay strong in my resolve but this damn van was seducing me.  It had some wily ways, I’ll admit.  I returned back to the lot and just quietly  enquired about it’s price.  They had just gotten it and hadn’t priced or really cleaned it up yet.  Matt told me he’d check on it and I took the Pacifica home to test drive overnight.  I told Matt I’d call him later.

Driving home, the Pacifica did not impress me.  I don’t know if I had tainted my expectations by driving something else first or if I just truly did not like it.  It was really hard to see out of and it had some wicked blind spots.  I didn’t feel comfortable making lane changes and the seats weren’t as comfy.  The seat belt kept digging into me and as much as I tried to raise the seat, it wouldn’t budge any further.  Obviously, this Pacifica hates short people and wants them to die.  Since I’m not growing anymore, I knew immediately that it would not be my next vehicle.

When I got home, I stared searching online about the minivan.  I wanted to know it’s estimated mpg and the most important thing, it’s safety rating.  I was absolutely, positively blown away by it’s safety ratings.  It’s the first minivan ever to be awarded the Top Safety Pick award and has received a 5 star rating for crashes for all seating positions, including a rear crash which is huge. 

As I read more and more, I had to admit, I was impressed.  I thought again about the mileage only being 2954.  That’s really low and the warranty would cover it until 60k.  Hmmm… I decided that price would be a big deciding factor.  I talked to Matt again and he told me what we could get it for.  *Gulp*… it was that good a deal.  We could get an almost brand new minivan that was loaded with all kinds of perks for the cheapest price I could imagine. 

My brain started to talk me into this vehicle and I needed support FAST!  I called my friend, Megan and told her what I was thinking.  What?!?  she screamed at me.  Then ‘ok, tell me why’.  She agreed with me that I would be a fool not to take it and she reassured me that if I absolutely hated it, I could sell it in a year or 2 much easier than a SUV and since we were getting such a great deal, I might even be able to get all of my money back.  I hung up the phone with her and went for more reassurance.  I emailed my trusted friend Traci.  We have been friends since we were 15, she wouldn’t lead me astray.  More importantly… she knows me better than anyone other than Dan.  She knows if I can do this.  We swap emails and I feel a little better.  At least she will still love me if I buy this thing.

I weigh the pros and cons…


1.  The price is unbeatable

2.  The mileage is crazy low and will be under warranty for another 57,000 miles

3.  The safety rating is off the hook

4.  It has the space I’m looking for with seats that will fold down into the floor when I don’t want them

5.  The mileage is better than other vehicles that I’ve looked at

6.  It’s loaded with awesome options

7.  It drives sweet.  I can’t even tell I’m in a minivan til I look at it

8.  If I hate it, I can sell it later for nearly, if not all, of my money back

9.  It’s super big.  Once the back seats are folded down, the dogs could each have a bed back there AND a tea party


1.  It’s a minivan 😦

That’s it.  That’s all I got.  That’s the only thing that is wrong with it.  If the body style wasn’t a minivan, I would already be the new proud owner of it.  Isn’t that silly?  That is the one and only thing that is holding me back.

So I’ve decided that I’d be an ass, not just a fool, but a real ass if I didn’t buy this 2007 Kia Sedona.  It’s the safest, lowest mileage and most spacious vehicle that my family can afford.  Who am I to say no to that?

And so I’ll wave goodbye to my Envoy XL 😦  Goodbye car of my dreams.  Maybe in an alternative universe you and I can meet up again.  That planet where smoking doesn’t kill you and whopper value meals don’t make your thighs fat.  I’ll see you there Envoy.  I’ll drive you and smoke a Virginia Slim Menthol while shoving a cheeseburger down my throat.  Aahhh… just not on planet earth.

A big huge THANK YOU to my friend Cheri, her husband Ken & her son Matt at Broadmoor Motors for hooking us up with a suhweet deal.  I know that I can trust them and they got me all that I asked for and more.  You guys rock!

*** Dan emailed me this video this morning.  He thinks he’s super funny and it’s weird how the name is Christine in the clip.  Watch it, it is actually very funny***


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4 Responses to The sky is crying

  1. henrysmom says:

    Dude, what did I tell you a few weeks ago!!! Kids, dogs, it fits it all!! We tried that Pacifica too, no contest it sucked. So glad you’re finally feeling the mini-van:)

  2. Chris says:

    I know! I know! I admit defeat. I actually LIKE my minivan… and I don’t know what that says about me. I’ll have to take all the money I saved and invest in some therapy to figure it out 😉 Ya, the Pacifica sucked for sure. Dan was much more willing to buy the minivan after riding in the Pacifica. He hates all crossovers and told me he just might “accidentally” drive it into a tree if we got one.

  3. I’ve test driven a Kia minivan and I really liked it too! I agree with you about how smooth it handled. Congratulations on the phat new ride! That clip from YouTube was pretty funny.

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