My Secret

My name is Chris and I admit to liking my minivan.  If I’m being completely honest, I actually have to admit that I, uh er, love it.  It rides so nice and is so pretty inside (I’m not ready to admit the outside is pretty yet).  We took the dogs with us for the first time yesterday and I was nervous about them being in there.  I was concerned that they wouldn’t stay back behind the 2nd row seats or that they would scratch the bumper jumping in but they did good.  They tried once or twice each to nose up next to the kids but I corrected them and the rest of the drive they spent either laying down or sitting pretty with their noses in the air smelling.  I love the fact that the floor is low enough that their wet noses can’t reach the back windows (YAAA!) and so they might just stay clean.  Imagine that. 

The kids love that they can open and close their own doors for the first time ever.  “Magic” is my go-to answer when something is either harder than I can explain or when I don’t know and Gerrit has quickly dubbed the doors “magic doors”.  So I’m thinking that has helped in the fun factor.  Emma told me Saturday “this sure is a cool car, mom”.  At first that made me feel good but when I thought about that Emma also thinks the wacked out pink on pink house on our street is cool too, I have to question her judgement. 

Dan drove it for the first time Sat night and he highly approves.  Neither of us feel like we’re in a minivan when we’re driving it and that’s a plus.  I asked him why he didn’t drive it before I bought it and he said he didn’t want to influence my decision into getting a vehicle I didn’t want.  Silly husband.  As if it would have mattered what he thought (obviously, i’m kidding 😀 )

So life has just been falling into place around my minivan.  My brain is starting to come to terms with it and I’ve resolved that if I’m going to be wearing a minivan as an accessorie, I best be looking tight.  My determination (hopefully) won’t wain this time and I finally hit the 2 mile mark in my running on Friday!  Woohoo!!!  I was so proud of myself but I was quickly deflated when Dan reminded me that it’s really not that far for people that run.  Mmmkay… well, I’m not actually a runner, I just play one so it was a collosally big deal to me.  I haven’t run that far in one run since soccer conditioning.  And in case he hasn’t noticed, I’m not 16 anymore (I thought the minivan would have been a dead give away).  I still feel good about it and I’ve managed to do it for the last 3 days so I almost feel a trend going here.  We’ll have to see how it plays out.

And now the only conflict I have is what is appropriate minivan music?  I feel slightly odd playing my Lupe Fiasco cd when I’m rolling with the windows down.  I popped my Grease soundtrack in and Emma made me proud trying to do the hand jive.  That felt better if not a little stereotypical.  I’m thinking that my Tori would be ok or my ABBA’s Greatest Hits.  My Johnny Cash, Waylan, Willie and Kris would be alright too.  Momming up my music selection seems to be the last item on the agenda, and then all minivan systems are a go!  (Stop saying I told you so!  I can hear you over the computer!!)


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6 Responses to My Secret

  1. Traci says:

    Appropriate minivan music includes:

    *”The Wheels on the Bus”
    *Any Disney movie sountrack
    *Air Supply
    *Neil Diamond

    JK! I would play any music you want to in the MV….who cares! Just because you got it, it don’t mean you have to adjust to the sterotypes…create some new ones! I’d love to see you bumping down the road with some Lupe or Ludacris in your MV! I mean, if your already lookin’ tight might as well match up your look to your music! Maybe you could get some rims or somethin’…dress it up a little : )

    Congrats on 2 miles…everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

  2. Chris, that is awesome that you are running two miles! Great! Rock out to some Bjork if your children can tolerate it. 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the list Traci! I just knew you’d know. And if you EVER catch me listening to Air Supply or Neil Diamond, you have permission to slap me across the face. Emma does actually have the Piglet movie soundtrack and I like that. Ugh… just when I think it can’t get worse, it does. Emma was singing the chorus to Lupe’s Hip Hop Saved My Life today. Not sure how I feel about that LOL. At least there’s no swears. Dan would kill me.

    I do have a Bjork cd that I could throw in FW. Emma loves Fiest’s 1,2,3,4 song. The video is awesome. Check it out if you don’t know it already. Duh thinks she’s a Bjork wannabe but I think she’s fantastic. Her CD is great too. Here’s the video link

    I love that video

  4. R.G. says:

    I don’t think it matters what music you play, how smooth it rides, what kind of warranty it has, or how roomy it is………. IT IS STILL A MINIVAN! Oh yeah by the way Chris, you have just stumbled upon reason #46 why I have chosen not to reproduce. I like my rough riding, no warranty havin, if I hit something I could get hurt -JEEP. Dan . . . . . . . .I don’t even have the words. AAAHHHHHH
    I feel much better.


  5. Angie says:

    I thought of you this morning I was driving down kalamazoo and actually by your street i see a Kia MINI VAN and I thought oh I should pass it maybe it will be Chris… So I get on the side of them and I am looking and laughing there sits an elderly couple in there.

  6. Chris says:

    Ang! You are killing me here! As long as you aren’t laughing at me in my minivan… I guess it’s ok.

    RG… yes, the world has lost it’s mind. Maybe that’s the part of me that I left in the Expedition. I dunno. It’s over for me, save yourself 😉

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