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Time for more stuff that just doesn’t fit into any other post… enjoy

Roger what?

Last night, the kids made up a new game.  They were playing outside and I could hear them yelling things to a ‘Roger’.  Dan was grilling some chicken out there and as he came back in, the kids came to the door and were yelling “Roger, come back here” and “Roger, where are you going?”.  I asked Dan who they were talking to and it became obvious that they were calling Dan Roger.  It seemed really weird to me since I have no idea where they heard the name Roger and why they randomly decided to call their dad that is beyond me.  But for about 15min, he was Roger and they thought they were hilarious with their new game.  Even Dan & I had to laugh.

Appetite suppressant

I just caught the new New Kids on the Block video and it brought so much pain to me, I don’t even know if I can describe it in words.  I mean, can you really call yourselves the New Kids on the Block if you are neither new, kids or live on the block?  How does that work?  I barely survived their first go around and was probably the only tween in America that despised them then but really?  Do you people that liked them back then really think it’s ok for their sorry selves to be dancing around in a McCheezy video as if they are hot or relevant?  While the song is hardly tolerable to my ears, my eyes have cursed me for watching the atrocity.  I’m scared that if I view it one more time, they’ll punish me forever by making me blind.

What’s in a name

It’s been on my mind and growing inside me until I finally admitted it to Dan that I hate Scout’s name.  I love our other pet’s names.  They seem to flow well and feel like their name.  Like it en capsules their personality just by saying their name.  But not Scouts.  Originally, we had a pet rabbit and that name fit her perfectly.  I think it was panic that led us to naming our puppy Scout.  The days kept going by and we didn’t have a name.  At some point you just have to name them and we settled on Scout.  His non-fitting name probably plays a giant role in his emotional problems.  I’m convinced if we had only figured out his real name, he’d be a better pup.  But what can you do?  Can you change a dog’s name after he’s had it for over a year?  I wish I could have a do over. 

The agony of defeat

The Target brand of mustard is the devil.  While it tastes delicious and very mustard like, it is impossible to get out of it squeeze bottle after about the 5th or 6th use.  I usually end up either A) hurting my hand,  B) getting so mad at it that I start talking to the stupid container or C) give up.  My recommendation is to spring for a more expensive brand if you truly enjoy mustard and don’t want to taint your hot dog with the taste of defeat.


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5 Responses to More Random Ramblings

  1. Ashley says:

    The reason NK still go by New Kids on the Block is the same reason The Beach Boys, The Backstreet Boys, and The Beastie Boys all still go by their name. It’s really as simple as that.

  2. Myka says:

    So, they are supposed to change their name and confuse everyone. They tried changing to NKOTB on their last album (at which point they were no longer kids or new either) and everyone still called them by New Kids. Prince changed his name to a symbol and everyone still called him Prince.
    BTW-they are relevant to their fans and every other boyband out there who ever existed. If you don’t like them, why did you even waste your time watching the video?

  3. Duh says:

    First of all, New Kids are awesome. Even though they are old and decrepit, it takes a lot of guts to get up there and dance around like a moron. They could throw their backs out. Respect.

    Second, yes you can rename a dog. A dog doesn’t even know it has a name. It just knows that when you say that word it means, “come here I’m going to give you loving/something tasty.” So just start calling Scout a new name and give him those things when he comes. He’ll learn.

    BTW, we had the same issue with one of my mom’s cats. We thought of another name for awhile, but once we started calling him his new name, it just seemed like he fit his old name better. So Bob is Bob forever.

    Third, buy French’s mustard. Problem solved. That 50 cents you save is not worth the hand cramps.

  4. Luvmachine says:

    I think that all of the idiots defending NKOTB are idiots.
    The king of pop is going to play vegas to get himself out of debt since he apparently was unable to earn enough money while earning the moniker…and apparently NKOTB didn’t earn enough of something the first time around, wether it’s tha almighty $ or something else, like, oh, I don’t know, a true sense of worth and meaning in their lives…and I’m sure all of you crazy biznitches who are still in love with the poster on your bedroom wall that your mom got you for being a sport the day you got your braces are gonna jump all over that one and imply that because I may never have been on your bedroom wall with high tops and a bandana, oh yeah and a gold chain that I don’t have room to talk, and before you get started let me just say that your right, but someday i will…and i will.

  5. Duh says:

    Jealous much?

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