The week of Emma part un

In lieu of Emma’s ever approaching birthday, I decided to dedicate an entire week to her!  This week will be about her life in photos.  I recently found a bunch of pictures and loaded them up into this computer and so I’ll be sharing Disc 1 today.  This is a little bit of what life was like while I was very much pregnant with her and the first couple days of her life.

This is our original bathroom.  It obviously had not been remodeled since the house was built in 1969.  I quickly dubbed it the ‘watermelon room’ because of it’s pink tile and green tub, toilet and sink.  When we remodeled this room late in my pregnancy, we had to rip out everything but the cabinets that you can barely see to the left.  Even the ceiling had to go.  But it was worth it to be rid of such an atrocity.  Goodbye watermelon room, I do not miss you.

My friend, Amanda, made this adorable cake for one of my baby showers.  I’m the pregnant one in the photo if you didn’t recognize me.  I don’t do pregnant very cute LOL

Dan’s brother, Nick, offered to help me paint Emma’s bedroom a couple weeks before she was due.  It was an amazingly sweet gesture on his behalf and I needed to take a picture of it because no one would believe me otherwise.

Being the idiots that only young people can be, we adopted Bailey when I was about 8.5months pregnant.  She was 12 weeks old when we got her and she’s always been unbelievably good with the kids.

Since we only had a few weeks to train Bailey, we practiced with her everyday.  This was taken in Dan’s parent’s backyard.  The golden retriever is Jack and the black lab is Shadow.  Jack passed away last year and sadly, Shadow died about an hour before Gerrit was born.  Shadow was the best dog I’ve ever known and refused to leave my side when I was in labor with both the kids.  RIP to both Jack and Shadow.

I think I was 9months pregnant in this picture.  It suddenly dawned on me that we hadn’t taken any pictures of me throughout the pregnancy and should document it at least once.  I always carry high and all in front.

I know… we look like hell.  I wish I were that person that looked all glowing and stunning after giving birth, but I don’t.  36hrs of labor + 4 hours of pushing a baby out= this look.  Yes, you read that right, 4hours of pushing.  Apparently, my small pelvic bones do not agree with babies’ noses and they get stuck right there.  I did manage to get her out on my own but then I looked like this.  At least she looks adorable

My mom holding Emma.  This was grand baby #3 for my mom.  She has a total of 6

Dan was completely smitten by Emma when she was born.  He refused to leave the hospital, even to get clothes to wear and he rearranged the furniture in the hospital room so that if anyone came in our room, they had to get thru him first.

I was amazed at how natural and normal it felt to hold my newborn baby.  It was as if I had lived my whole life knowing her and holding her.  I had already forgotten what life was like before she was there.

My sister, Stephanie & my niece Brooke holding Emma.  My sister had already had 2 kids and was my lifeline during my pregnancy.  She would talk sense into me when I became panic stricken over the things that pregnant women do.  *OMG!  What was that pain in my stomach?  What am I leaking?*  Thanks Steph

Home from the hospital, just 4 days old

Dan loved holding her so much.  He took the first week off to help me and would hog her 

She hated having sponge baths and would scream the whole time. 

Dan loved to just watch her.  Even when she wasn’t doing anything

Happy and calm now that the awful sponge bath is over

That’s the first few days of her life.  Life continues on the morrow


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7 Responses to The week of Emma part un

  1. Alverna says:

    Baby Emma is adorable & so sweet! Seeing your pics makes my baby longing kick in even more 🙂

    I tagged you BTW, I hope you don’t mind & have a little fun with it.

  2. 36 HOURS of LABOR? 4 HOURS of Pushing? Oh. MY! I can’t even imagine that.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for stopping by Randomability!

    Isn’t that the saddest thing? My body doesn’t know how to have a baby fast. I was excited though because I shaved 10hrs off when I had Gerrit (only 26hrs). He got stuck on my pelvic bone as well. If I ever had another baby (which I’m not), I would be ecstatic to start labor AND have the baby within the same day! I’ll never be that person that has to deliver my baby on the bathroom floor because we didn’t have time to get to the hospital. I could walk there and have plenty of time 😉

  4. I used to be Accountability. I just changed my name. 🙂

    Still… 26 hours for your second? WOW!! I won’t even tell you that my second L & D was less time than you spent pushing out Emma… (3 hrs 15 min)

  5. Oops!! was that out loud?

  6. Chris says:

    Yeah, see… I know you are typing english words but my brain can’t register them LOL. How do you people have babies so fast? Do you worry on your next that the baby will just fall out? 3hrs and 15min is almost instantaneously to me haha. Oh yeah, and my water never breaks on it’s own.

  7. My water never broker with my first and the nurse accidentally broke water when she was checking me with my second.

    I’d probably be one that you hear about having a baby inthe car or something like that if we were to have a thirds.

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