The week of Emma part trois

Emma’s first birthday was an exciting time.  She had just started walking a couple weeks before and gotten her bottom teeth the week before her birthday.  As always, she was adorable

Family and friends in our living room.

I was 6 months pregnant when Emma turned 1

  Smiling as usual.  She was a happy girl

Climbing up into my lap to open presents.  Yes, that’s my tattoo… a sun, not a spider

 Cake time

She ate her cake very carefully

She wasn’t eating messy enough for my brother-in-law’s liking and so he shoved her hand into the cake.  She was horrified and cried.  For the next few months after that she would eye him like ‘oh… you’re that mean guy’

  Emma looking at her Noisy Friends book with Dan’s mom

  Just happy all the time


 Emma fast asleep… looks like Dan is on his way too


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