The week of Emma part quatre

Emma’s 2nd birthday was HOT!  We had just cut down a GINORMOUS tree in the backyard and I spent the week before the party splitting logs whenever the kids were napping.  Ya, can you even picture me splitting logs?  *Phew*  It wasn’t pretty but it had to get done.  Dan is always the busiest during the summer (like 16hr days busy) so he had neither the time or the energy to do it.  Thus, as women have done since the beginning of time, when necessary, I manned up.  Did what I had to do and we had a fabulous backyard birthday party.  The kids ran around and played and the adults took turns being out in the humidity and relaxing in the air conditioning inside.

I decided to load all the pictures up into one slideshow with captions attached to the pics.  Enjoy


[rockyou id=115859904&w=426&h=319]





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