Perfect sunset watching music

Last week, my friend Cheri, invited us to stay at their cottage on Gun Lake  for the entire week.  It is a hugely popular lake around here because the fishing is great, it’s big enough to do water sports without overcrowding issues and it’s close.  When she initially asked me, I figured she must be needing a kidney or bone marrow transplant but the truth of the matter is that Cheri is just an amazingly generous and lovely person.  I packed up our gear and we took the 40min drive there.

The kids and I had so much fun and I’ll load up those pictures and videos later.  First, I wanted to let you see the amazing view we had from our deck overlooking Gun Lake.  The sunsets were spectacular and my camera phone tried it’s darnedest to capture the essence.  Of course, it was futile but here are some of my views.

 Day 1, 9:15 pm

 Day 1, 9:16 pm

 Day 1, 9:17

 Day 1, 9:22 pm

 Day 2, 8:25 am

 Day 2, 8:25 am

 Day 2, 8:26 am

 Day 3, 8:46 pm

Dan is fishing on our boat just right of the sunset

 Day 3, 8:47 pm

It was pretty nasty about an hour before this.  We got some heavy rain and the winds picked up for a while

 Day 3, 9:06 pm

My favorite sunset of the week.  The colors were beautiful and it was still warm.  The on and off again rain had given way to a wonderful night where we could sit around the fire and enjoy some beers.

As always, Cheri and I had the best time together and Dan & Ken got to talk about man stuff like hunting and fishing all week.  Thanks again Ken & Cheri.  You guys are awesome!!!!


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    That is beautiful. And yes you did get caught for a brief moment in spam but I rescued you and you are now safely embedded in my comments! Thanks for the nice comment you left me!

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