Wednesday blew

Last week Wednesday was an interesting day.  We woke up early to get ready for Emma’s 5 year checkup.  I had already warned her that she had to have some shots and promised her that if she was very brave, I would take her for ice cream later.  I even told her she could have sprinkles! 

We went got there and checked in.  They had to do a finger prick to test her iron.  She did great during that.  Didn’t cry or flinch even.  Her iron is awesome (average is 12 and hers was 14.2) and we went back to the room for her examination.  Her Dr. let us know that she was still too short for a booster seat 😦  She is only 41.25 inches and needs to be 43 inches.  He thought maybe by spring that she could move into that.  She was bummed about it but said she understood when he explained it to her.  Her exam was done and the Dr. left the room.  Her face was so happy because she thought that the finger poke was the ‘poke’ she was going to get and I had to let her know that no, the nurse was going to come do those right now.  She layed on the table and tried to be so brave.  But she screamed and cried when they did all 4 shots.  Poor thing.  It seems so mean to make a mom hold down her own child when they do those shots but I guess it’s the only way.  She recovered quickly and we went to go pick out stickers.

We met Sandy and her boys for ice cream at a local ice cream place.

 Gerrit eating his Spiderman ice cream

 Emma picked vanilla, chocolate swirl w/ sprinkles

 Gerrit looked like the Joker after he was done with his

I had gotten some Target brand Lactaid kind of stuff so I could have a sundae.  I took 2 before we left but it didn’t do the trick.  I spent the rest of the day (and night) feeling like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after she blows up.

After ice cream, we met back up at Sandy’s house so the kids could play and her & I could catch up.  Some storms rolled in around 3pm and we looked out the windows as the rain came pouring down.  I saw a line of trees blowing extra hard, coming toward Sandy’s backyard and told her to look.  Just then, 2 giant tree limbs broke off, directly behind her kitchen (that we were in) and the top half of her pine tree in her front yard snapped off.  It was miraculous that neither of them fell on her house, cars, deck or anything of importance.  The one in the front did take out her phone & cable line and blocked the street but that’s as far as the damage extended.  They were lucky that their stuff didn’t get broken and we all were lucky it didn’t fall on the house that we were all in.  Here’s some pics of the damage.  It was hard to get a grand view.

You can see where the 2 big limbs broke off the tree.  There are actually 2 splits if you look close

 Better view of the splits

 Part of the limbs that fell in back

 Another piece of it

 You can see the phone line hanging down in the front yard

 Managed to miss one of their cars

 It was a BIG tree, now not so much


Firemen came to make sure the wire wasn’t live before the city workers moved it off the line

Fortunately, no damage happened to Sandy’s house or ours.  We had a couple small branches down in our lawn but nothing major.  It rained some more that night but no more crazy winds.  It’s been a weird summer of storms.

Emma woke up the next morning with a headache, fever and headache.  It was a mild reaction to the immunizations and so we kept it low key on Thursday.


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6 Responses to Wednesday blew

  1. Yikes! Those trees sure came close to her house!

    What is Emma getting shots for? Does she start Kindergarten this fall?

  2. Chris says:

    She is actually going into Young 5’s this fall. With her birthday being in June, she could have gone into Kindergarten but we figured why rush it? We know Gerrit will need to do Young 5’s because his birthday is in Oct and I didn’t want them 2 years apart in school so we picked Young 5’s.

    I just looked at the letter from the school that specified what shots she needed and I’m not sure she got them all. Yikes… I’ll have to figure that out. The Dr. said she would be done until she was 12 now so I can’t imagine that there’s more. But yes, she did need the shots to go to her charter school next year. I’m really excited for the school that she is enrolled in. We were lucky and got in really fast. Some people have to wait a long long time to get in.

  3. Jody says:

    I love the Violet picture!! You’re hilarious. I hope that you didn’t feel that bad. It has been a crazy summer of storms. Luckily, we’ve avoided any major damage. Last week our screens blew out on our porch but that was not so bad. Hope you have a good week!

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks Jody:D If I have ice cream or milk, that’s exactly how I feel. Big and bloated. Anyhoo… I’m surprised you don’t ever have flooding since you live in the most flood having place ever. I know you get some crazy storms there too. Glad you finally dropped in 😉 Make it a habit

  5. Duh says:

    I want a bite of Gerrit’s Spiderman ice cream. That thing looks good.

    I’m hungry.

  6. wow. Incredible photos, and what beautiful children!

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