Dog will hunt

When we first arrived at Cheri’s cottage, the kids and dogs were all excited.  They wanted to go in the water as soon as possible but since I had to unload and unpack everything by myself (Dan was in IN until Tuesday night), I had to be a big meanie and make them wait.  I was proud of them all for how well they contained their excitement and Cheri was dumbfounded at the dogs listening when I told them not to go in the water.  They’ve been beaten trained that jumping in water uninvited is a bad idea and so they were patient even though it must have been torture.  As soon as I could, I let them go ahead and jump in the water.  The kids threw seaweed (is it seaweed if it’s not from the sea?) into the lake and Bailey in particular loved that.  Here’s some fun video’s of the dogs in water. 

The dogs first going into the water.  If you didn’t know, a wet dog is a hyper dog

Dogs playing more

My favorite video.  Emma was throwing seaweed into the lake and Bailey was going after it.  She managed to get it sometimes although she didn’t quite bring it back to Emma.  Very cute and funny nonetheless.

The dogs even got to go on a boat ride out to Party Island but that is another post for a different day.


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2 Responses to Dog will hunt

  1. I 2001 I took a trip with my family up to Lake Lucerne (Near Crandon, WI) with two Black Labs. We had a throwing dummy (one was a huntin’ dawg) and we would thrown it off the end of the pier. The dogs would LAUNCH off the end. It was pretty fun. We have no videos, but I do have still photos.

  2. Chris says:

    Labs love them some water and we’re happy that Bailey still loves it even though she’s only 1/2 lab. We encourage her to still swim and play in it a lot. Scout loves it but isn’t as confident as he should be. I’m sure that comes from not having enough experience at it. Maybe by the end of this summer, he’ll be a swimming fool.

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