Water + speed= F U N

One of the super fun things that we got to do while at Cheri & Ken’s cottage last week was go tubing.  While I am not the adventurous type and do not enjoy being pulled behind any mode of transportation at a high rate of speed, the kids were dying to go.  They also wanted to go on the seadoo.  Once again, not my forte, so Deb & Cheri took them out for me.  Thanks ladies

 Gerrit & Cheri

 Gerrit & Cheri

 Gerrit & Cheri coming in from their ride

Deb taking Emma out on the seadoo

Them zooming around out on the lake

Deb & Emma coming in from their ride

Gerrit, Dan & Emma tubing.  This was the kid’s first time tubing.  They wanted to go faster and Dan kept saying to do it.  I was having a heart attack in the boat watching them.

Gerrit, Dan & Emma are on the tube behind Deb’s head

I’m glad the kids had so much fun.  I promised Cheri & Ken that I would ride the seadoo the next time 😉  they had me out.  Ignore the dates on the pictures.  I just noticed that they are wrong.


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One Response to Water + speed= F U N

  1. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD want to go water skiing or knee boarding.

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