Almost Rosey

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Who knew that scheduling a simple family photo could create such drama?  Not me, that’s for sure.  Actually, it’s not all that much drama but who would have guessed that it would create any? 

I had called and made an appt for Dan, the kids & I to all get a picture taken on Saturday.  The last ‘family’ picture includes Emma but she was only 2 months old and so Gerrit isn’t even a glimmer in our eyes yet.  We are supposed to get big family pictures taken with both my family and Dan’s family, but they seem to keep getting postponed and I’m tired of waiting.  The last picture (nice picture) I have of Emma & Gerrit together, they are 3 & 2.  That’s absurd.  We are so far behind.

Anyways, I had made the decision and Dan agreed.  We were in desperate need of an updated picture.  Everything was fine until I tried to pick ‘outfits’ with Dan.  All the sudden, we’re arguing about what does and does not look stupid in a family photo.  I thought we all could wear the same color type of thing and he argued we’d all look like janitors.  His theory is that people that work at the same place all wear the same things (like Target, red shirt & khakis).  He tells me no one does that and I tell him, actually most people do that.  I decide that a compromise would be great and fine, we don’t all have to wear the same color but it can’t clash together.  He wants to wear this brown striped shirt that is nice but it doesn’t go with the dress that I had planned for Emma.  Or anyone’s clothes for that matter.  When I said that, he picks some t-shirts out of Gerrit’s room.  As if I would get his pictures done with some silly t-shirts.  It has to be a nice looking shirt at least!  He thinks I have a personal vendetta against the brown shirt and tells me that he doesn’t care.  He thinks I’m wrong but he’ll concede his opinion.  A win for me?  Yes?

NO… I’ll tell you why.  I want him to like this picture and not make the whole experience miserable.  So if he concedes his opinion and does something he hates, he’ll hate the pictures.  I think I know him after 13 years together and I know he’ll be reminded of his contempt every time he looks at the picture.  I try again for the compromise of us all wearing clothes that we want but them blending together.  Only problem, Dan doesn’t have a ton of clothes (weird, right?).  He is pretty picky and a shirt has to be just right for him to allow it to grace his closet.  I understand it’s difficult for men and their options are limited but this is why he doesn’t have a lot to pick from.

I suggest we go buy something and he says that’s stupid.  He’s not going to go buy something for a picture that he’ll never wear again.  I suggest that he borrow something from his dad and that goes over just about as well.  After much debate and our frustration level increasing, we finally decide on a shirt that he already owns and that I’ll have to buy Gerrit a new shirt.  I don’t even mention my clothes (as in, I don’t think I have a shirt to coordinate) but I’ll handle that all by myself.

I don’t even know really how or why the argument happened.  And I don’t want to give you the wrong impression.  It wasn’t a knockdown, blowout type of fight.  It was just bickering back and forth for about 10-15min.  Still… it was annoying and it made me mad.  I feel a little like the whole experience is tainted now.  Not like bad mojo or anything like that but I don’t want to think about a stupid fight over clothing every time I see the picture that hasn’t even happened yet!  Ugh… we’ll see if we make it.  Tomorrow is the big day.


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6 Responses to Almost Rosey

  1. Hahaha. You just have to go with it, Chris. Our family needs to make one of those professional portraits too, so thanks for the tips. My husband is so fussy about his clothes as well. Have fun tomorrow; put on a happy face.

  2. LOL!! For our Christmas picture, we’re all wearing a white shirt and blue jeans (it’s probably posted in myspace). Another family photo option is black shirt and blue jeans, they both look nice. that gives leeway to the typr of shirt too. Polo, button down, blouse. Just a thought.

  3. Duh says:

    Psh. Why is Dan such a crybaby? Sheesh. Just tell him he better wear whatever the hell you want him to wear, or you’ll find somebody for your family picture that WILL.

    Or tell him that a suit and tie would match everybody. Haha! How would he like them ‘taters?

  4. Chris says:

    Ahhhh… yes. I tried the whole wear something that you normally wouldn’t and that didn’t fly. I can see his point on him wearing something that he would actually wear in real life. Perhaps I was a bit jerkie in our original conversation. You know how you have a perfect idea in your head how it’ll be and then it isn’t and you go WTH? I think that was my knee jerk reaction.

    So I’ve been shopping all this morning. I think I’ve managed to find something nice. I think I’ve found some clothes that will be good and not make us look like janitors haha. AND it gives me the perfect reason to shop for new clothes 😀 My favorite.

  5. Duh says:

    Get something with a lot of sequins. Royal blue. Shoulder pads. That would be so friggin’ sweet.

  6. Chris says:

    I got him a pretty little black leather miniskirt. In fact, we all had matching ones.

    Hahaha… pictures went great and I paid the extra couple dollars so I can download them to my computer and y’all can see ’em. It’ll take a few days though.

    Lucky all of YOU!!!!!!

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