Party Island

Me & Scout chillaxin at Party Island

On Gun Lake, there is an island called Party Island.  While I highly doubt that many people hang out on the island, it is very popular because it has a sandbar all around it that you can hang out in the water.  It varies in depth but it’s a considerable amount of space all around the island for kids, dogs and people to play in.  We went out there with Deb, her kids Ellie & Sam, Cheri (of course) and her daughter Jamie.  The dogs got to come and went on their first boat ride!  They did great on the way out there but for some reason Scout was spazzing on the way home.  I’m not sure if it was the wind in his ears or what but he started flopping around like a fish out of water.  Not fun when you’re sharing the boat with 3 adults, 4 kids and another dog!  I got him to chill out and we managed to make it back to the cottage ok. 

Deb & the kids playing out in the water there.  They could walk out really far and still touch comfortably so it was nice

Cheri & Jamie sunning themselves on the floatie thing. 

It was hilarious because Scout refused to sit or lay down in the water or the sand.  He kept trying to get up on the black floatie thing and inadvertently pushed me all around while I was laying on it.  He had his front paws on it and he would walk with his back legs.  It was really funny and we wished we had gotten it on tape.  Maybe next time.


 Scout never sat while we were there.  Poor demented dog

  Gerrit, Emma & Deb


You can see how small the beach area was but Emma still managed to find a spot to make a sand castle

Gerrit spent a lot of time hanging on to the back of the boat.  We didn’t quite understand what he was doing.  I think he was having fun kicking his legs and pretending he was holding the boat still.

Cheri taking the kids for a floatie ride around the island.  Once all 4 were on the raft, she said she could really feel it in her calves and got a good workout.  And yes… Ellie is playing with an empty beer bottle LOL

Just a say hi to the camera and a shot of Bailey hiding in the bushes.  I swear she thought she was waiting for ninjas to attack us on the island.  You can see how busy it was.

We had a lot of fun and I even got some color on my legs.  Those of you who have seen them know just how scary white they are.  They are almost not blindingly pale anymore!  Is there such thing as neon white???


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3 Responses to Party Island

  1. bob says:

    there is a grave on the island

  2. Karen says:

    Party Island is not a party anymore. A family has been paying taxes on it for well over 100 years. Due to violence, drug trafficking, and underage drinking, this family has been forced to kick everyone off. It is a crying shame that causes them no joy, but they can’t take the risk of lawsuit anymore.

    • Ron says:

      Where the hell do you get drug trafficking, violence, and underage drinking from? I agree the island had drinkers, but it also children, families and carefree people wanting to just take a swim! The reason the family put no trespassing signs out is because the cops didn’t have jurisdication on the private land. So, as a result the police coerced the owner saying that someone would be able to sue the owner if something occured. The cops ULTIMATELY had no control over the area and wanted it. The property got a little bit of garbage on it just like any other place. Your statement above is way over dramatized.
      No law exists that says that people can’t be around the island!!!! Anyone can temporaily anchor near the island. They are wasting tax payers dollars for nothing, when bigger concerns are present!

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