Don’t Read This

Do Not Click This 😀



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9 Responses to Don’t Read This

  1. LOL!!!!! We don’t listen to well…

  2. Duh says:

    It never gets old.

    Never gonna give,
    Never gonna give…

  3. Argh! Chris, you suck for tempting me. Although I do like the energy in that song.

  4. the funniest thing (to me) was closing the window!

  5. Yeah, that was funny except for the dread I felt when I realized it could be a virus. 😦

  6. Duh says:

    FW, do you think Chris would direct you toward a virus? No way.

    Anyway, what a wonderful way for your computer to die. To the little white man with the big black voice.

  7. Chris says:

    Hahaha… you can all blame Duh for that post. She turned me onto Rickrolling and once we did all of Dan’s friends, I had to turn to my audience. In all fairness, I did tell you NOT to click it 😉 It made me smile though while I was gone… thinking of people clicking on it. Ahhhh

    Random, I know right? You’re like, haha very funny, now I’ll close it and then the lyrics come up. Duh did it to me and it was like 6:30am and I hadn’t even had coffee yet. I remember saying, ‘really?’ when the X just didn’t do it’s job. LOL

    FW, I would never ever purposely hurt anybody’s computer, although my brother in law had the same thought as you so I know it wasn’t just you. I’m not much of a practical joker but I thought this was a funny one and harmed nothing AND was a nice break while I was gone. I do suck for tempting you 😉 I’ll give you that. It’s been some time since I’ve been a temptress

    Duh, who would have thought you to be the ever optimist and look on the brightside of it being a virus? You love you some Rick Astin, tell you what. It might be a mind virus though because I can’t get it out of my brain after I hear it. For like DAYS!!!

  8. Duh says:

    It’s Rick Astley, goober.

  9. I had three tabs open in Firefox and I had to do the ctrl + alt + delete maneuver to shut it down. Then when I opened Firefox again, a message asked me if I wanted to restore the tabs and I answered “yes”! So it started all over again! I was laughing, but it was making me nervous. I know Chris wouldn’t link to a virus, but that’s what went through my mind anyway.

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