Picture pages

Alright, they finally gave me the link to download them.  I’ll warn you that they are LOW resolution and so they kind of suck on the computer.  Some of the pictures, we look like we are missing teeth or kind of wonky.  Anyways, it gives you a general idea.  You can let me know if you think we did a good job of not janitorizing ourselves but still matching in a general sense.  There’s a ton of pictures and so I’ll just let you browse.  Click to see more






















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8 Responses to Picture pages

  1. Traci says:

    Awwwww…so cute! You don’t look like janitors and you are not too matchy, matchy either! I think the fam did a nice job coordinating.

  2. You all look awesome (aside from the missing teeth)! My favorite one is the “brother, sister, friend” collage. The variety of shots and even the changes in outfits are surprising. How long were you at the studio? Looks like you all have some great memories preserved now: mission accomplished.

  3. Picture pages, picture pages time to get your picture pages.
    Time to get your crayons and your pencils…

    Very adorable. Emma was just soaking in the photo shoot, wasn’t she?

    Where did you end up going? A local studio or a chain studio?

  4. Angie says:

    They are very cute… Did you go to target? We are getting some beach pictures taken in august so that should be fun..

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks T! I thought you would approve. I tried to channel your 6th sense of coordination when picking out the clothes.

    FW, that one is really cute to me too. I think my favorite one is the black & white of them together. The photographer did a great job of breaking thru Gerrit’s shyness and getting genuine smiles from them both. If we had had a lesser photographer, they wouldn’t have ended up so nice. She really did a great job. I went to the Target photo place. I’ve had trouble with them in the past but figured for $3.99/sheet pics that I would try again. If it went badly, I knew the back up plan was to have our big family pictures in the late summer/early fall. I was excited that they recommended bringing a change of clothes too and loved that. I think we were there a total of 2hrs after the wait before the pics, taking the pictures, the wait after & then picking out which ones we wanted to order. We also had promised the kids Icee’s if they were good so that took some time to get that and buy some misc. stuff that we needed. I would say we probably took the pics for 30-45min.

    AHHH Random! I’m so happy you recognized the title. I always wonder if people are getting the 2nd meaning for my titles since I normally try to use a song title or lyric. Everyonce in a while, I’ll throw in a movie quote or title. I wonder all the time if anybody sees it or if I’m wasting my time LOL. I had originally named this post something else and then that song ‘picture pages’ came in my head. Emma was LOVING getting her picture taken. She has always been a ham and when she was little would insist we take specific pics of her. ‘Take a picture of my boot’ when she was wearing them LOL. Silly squirrel

    Thanks Ang! We did go to Target and I was really happy this time. Very surprised. I’ll be sure to tell them when I pick up the pictures that the gal who did it was extra good. Can’t wait to see your beach pics on your blog! I’m sure they will be great!

  6. tracy says:

    these are so great! what a gorgeous family, its like mini-chris and mini-dan 🙂

  7. Yes, the one of them together in black and white is adorable! They are all great. I was thinking some of the ones of Emma could be captioned “I love when you take my picture” just like Gerrit got the “I love trains” caption.

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