Lions, tigers & bears… oh my!

Last week Sunday, we went on a family trip to our local zoo.  The weather was beautiful for it with sunny skies and a soft breeze.  The temperature couldn’t have been more than 76.  It was great!  Not too hot that the smell (you know the smell I’m talking about) of the zoo stifled the air but warm enough that the kids could stay warm in summer clothes.  Perfect.

We don’t have the biggest zoo here but the kids got to see some cool stuff and the grown up kids got to do some cool stuff.  Dan, Kevin & Claire (Kevin’s stepdaughter) went on a rope obstacle course.  I was taking pictures of them getting their harnesses put on and while taking the picture, I saw a look of extreme discomfort on Kevin’s face.  It dawned on me then that there were 2 young ladies putting the harnesses on the guys and their hands were pretty close to their crotches.  Obviously, a necessary evil but it made me laugh to see how uncomfortable it made the guys.  Watch your hands lady!  Haha   Later, Kevin, Joy & her mom went on the zip line.  It lasted about 15 seconds and I took video of that also.  Pretty cool to do that stuff at the zoo.  Emma was bummed that she couldn’t do either the rope obstacle course or the zip line but we explained to her she had to be taller.  I definitely see her doing it someday.

The kids had a great time and we had a nice picnic afterwards with some fried chicken, potato salad, chips & cookies.  The kids scarfed down their food so they could play at the playground afterwards and I fully expected them to crash on the way home but they held tough.

[rockyou id=118269119&w=579&h=434]

Kevin on the zip line

Joy on the zip line

 Dan getting his harness put on

  Kevin getting his harness put on  haha it makes me laugh


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