I’m walking on sunshine


I know I’ve been a slacker this week.  Many apologies for that.  For some reason, the week at Sandy’s cottage took it’s toll on me and I was exhausted all week long.  No matter how much I slept, I still felt tired and when I was awake, I felt cruddy.  I believe I have some kind of allergy and yesterday, I broke down and took some Target Allergy medicine.  After the Target brand Lactaid fiasco, I am skeptical of their brand of meds but it’s what I had so I took it.  Hopefully, I’ll start to feel normal again soon.

In the meantime, I need to share our fantastic week up at Sandy’s cottage.  It was a lot of fun and the kids were as tired as me when we left.  I clocked it and 9 miles away from the cottage, they were out and slept the whole way home (which was a good 1.5hrs).  They needed it and they probably aren’t even caught up yet.  We hung out at the beach area everyday for a while.  The kids loved that it was pretty shallow and had freedom to go about in the roped off section.  Of course they had their arm floaties on. 

The first day that we went, there were some other people.  One of which was a man & a woman who had (I’m guessing his age now) a 2year old.  The kid was in the water and his parents were on the beach.  Now, being a mom myself, when my kids are in water, I’ll relax out of the water but I’m right there on the edge.  I don’t go higher up on the beach, I sit near the water’s edge.  Not them.  So about 1/2hr later, I am sweatin’ up a storm and decide to go for a dunk in the water.  As I wade in, I see the 2(?) year old splashing around in the water.  For a second in my head, I’m debating if he’s swimming or drowning.  He was in shallow enough water that he could stand up.  A boat had gone by and made some small waves which could have knocked him off his feet or he could be swimming.  I’m looking at him wondering when all of a sudden, I hear his mom screaming the kids name.  She was a big lady (and by big, I mean BIG) so she wasn’t getting anywhere fast.  Not to mention that she was a ridiculous distance away from her son who was swimming with no floaties or life jacket.  I ran over to him and pulled him out of the water.  His mom got there a minute later and grabbed him from me.  He was gagging and coughing but breathing.

I’m sure she was terrified and I can understand the little mistakes that add up to be a tragic accident.  I’m sure they thought he was safe in the shallow part because he could stand.  They never accounted for boats creating wakes while the water was calm and that those wakes could knock over their toddler.  And they misjudged how far was safe for their boy to go out in the water.  It reminded me of the time that Gerrit fell into Sandy’s pool.  He had been sitting on the top step, playing with a cup in the water.  It must have gotten away from him and he stretched to grab it and found himself face down in the water.  Fortunately, we got him out before he ingested any water, but I’ve always been extremely apprehensive around water from then on.  It still makes my heart skip a beat when I picture it in my head and I learned my lesson.

I expected the same from these parent’s but I was dismayed about 15min later when I saw him in the water again.  Of course, him being in the water is fine but his parents were still up the beach.  They hadn’t come forward at all!  Ugh… what is wrong with some people?  I wanted to ask them why they hate their child and are trying to get him killed.  I didn’t. 

I decided on another day to write the kids names in the sand for some fun pictures (that’s me trying my hardest to be ‘creative’) and while taking Gerrit’s picture, I notice something moving to my right.  I look and it’s a SNAKE!  It was like 3 feet away from me and swimming my way!  Now, my normal reaction is to go running and screaming out of the water as if I just saw Jaws but Dan loves snakes and I know, even though he isn’t there, he’ll ask me later if I freaked out.  He doesn’t want the kids to be taught that snakes are creepy, scary or evil and my running around like a lunatic will obviously teach them that.  Instead, I said loudly “Oh! a snake”.  Sandy’s son Brandon was disbelieving but I pointed it out to him.  Well… you have never seen a panic stricken beach like what unfolded.  All the kids in the water started screaming and running out of the water.  The snake obviously did not like the commotion and picked up his swimming pace.  Gerrit was trying to get to me and inadvertently chose the same path as the snake.  He got about 8in. away from it before he realized it.  “Mommy” he yelled to me.  Still trying to not freak out (dang, Dan had better be proud), I calmly told him to hold on, let the snake pass.  He did and the snake had a clear passage to the other side of the beach where he happily swam.  With all the other people on the beach, taking refuge on the sand, I look at the water and there’s Emma.  She is still playing away, completely unconcerned about a snake.  Now if I had said there was a bug in the water, she would have freaked but no… not snakes.  Silly kid.

There was also a 4 year old boy whose mom was having trouble getting him out of the water.  She kept trying to cajole & plead with him but he was having a great time.  After about 5min of pleas and threats, he finally came out.  The mom got him all the way up to the parking lot and we assumed he was gone til about 5 min later, he comes running down the hill into the water completely naked!  Sandy and I laughed really hard but the teen girls in the water were freaked and started yelling ‘gross, he’s naked’.  His mom came running down the hill and managed to get him out of the water again.  You can see him in the video clip (covered with towel).

And more video’s and pictures to enjoy

It’s amazing how many times Sandy had to tell her son Zachery to get out of the kids way LOL

This is my favorite video.  The kids were playing with Sandy’s son Brandon.  In case you can’t understand what she’s saying, Emma tells me “I’m never going to drown”  and that “my floaties will keep my safe.  thank you floaties”.  That cracked me up.

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2 Responses to I’m walking on sunshine

  1. Nicole says:

    And you went in the water again after seeing the snake?? You brave, brave woman. I’m not even scared of snakes and that would have freaked me out!

  2. Sounds like fun. Where do we sign up?

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