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Happiness and anger

School is coming up for us and I have been very excited for both the kids to start.  Emma will be going into an amazing Young 5’s program at a great Charter School.  (For those that have never heard about … Continue reading

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The end of days

Amber A little bit of sadness always envelops me the middle of August.  Summer is my favorite season for obvious reasons.  There’s so much to do and the warmth and sunshine just make me feel happy.  Even a nice rain or … Continue reading

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Blue Skies

I’m kicking off the dust from this town and heading up to Traverse City.  My sister (Stephanie) and her husband (Steve) invited us to join them for a weekend getaway sans children.  I almost can’t believe it!  Leaving children behind hardly … Continue reading

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Training Week 1

Well, the first week of training for the half marathon is not technically over.  I still have Saturday’s big run of 4 miles to complete but I thought I would update you.  I’ll have to add tomorrow’s run into next … Continue reading

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The Olympics

Am I the only person out there not watching the Olympics?  I feel like a jerk.  Here it is, a wondrous event that only comes every 4 years and I can’t get myself to watch it.  Is it because it’s … Continue reading

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Upside down

Upside Down Gerrit’s new favorite thing is standing on his head.  It started 2 weeks ago and anytime or place that he can, he tries it.  The first time he was doing it, he kept demanding that I take his picture … Continue reading

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Go big or go home

My friend Tracy, recently completed a triathlon and really started my brain a whirring.  When I talked to her about it beforehand, she told me that she wanted to do something BIG this year and that was certainly big.  Although, not tempted … Continue reading

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