Out and about on the boat, eh

If you could picture the title being said in a Canadian accent, it’s way funnier.  If you’ve never heard that said by a Canadian, that’s too bad.  I managed to find a slightly good example here just before the 1min mark. 

Completely unrelated to Canada, was our boat ride at Sandy’s cottage but fun none the less.  As always, Gerrit pronounces it dope instead of a boat and Zachary (one of Sandy’s sons) asked me if the video would be on youtube for about the millionth time.  He asked me that everytime I taped something.  Sandy was less than thrilled at being captured on camera and so it cracked me up to sneak in times when I got her.

It was considerably colder that day than all the others and so no one did any skiing or tubing.  We just went out for a spin.  My kids are way more adventurous than me so they loved it when we would go fast and hit bumps.  Me, not so much.

  Driving fast on the boat

 Gerrit looking for fish in the channel

We took the channel over to the no wake part of the lake where we could see fish swimming in the really shallow parts.  We also saw turtles and a pair of swans that had a baby.

  Emma & Sandy


Daddy swan, Momma swan and baby tucked behind Momma

The boat was only in the water the last day we were there so the kids didn’t get to do tubing this time but I was ok with that and they still had a lot of fun.


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3 Responses to Out and about on the boat, eh

  1. Duh says:

    Cold? I’ve forgotten what that feels like…

  2. Shouldn’t it be ‘eh insteand of Aye? You sound like a pirate instead of Canadian! LOL!

  3. Chris says:

    Ha ha ha! I am the WORST speller of slang. I swear.

    So there, it’s fixed. Although, Gerrit is crazy about pirates. He might like it better that way. But don’t they say argh?

    And Duh, if you are missing some cold, you could come here anytime from mid Oct to mid April. You’ll get a fair share of it then. 😀

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