The end of an era has come.  It was a small one but important none the less.  Gerrit was a refluxey baby and would ‘spit up’ much of his bottle when he was little but after his baby days, he never threw up.  I obviously noticed this wonderful fact and would often comment to people at the wonder of my son’s stomach.  Particularly after Emma and I got the Great Flu of 2008 and Gerrit never caught any of it. 

Well… those days are over.  Gerrit officially threw up last night.  Poor guy.  He was in his bed and tried to get out and come out of his room but couldn’t get the door open with his hands all gross.  Dan opened the door and Gerrit was upset that he had made a mess in his bed.  I immediately thought he had had an accident but was astonished to see that he had gotten sick.  I brought him in the bathroom and he acted as though he had thrown up all the time.  He did a good job staying over the potty and really only threw up a tiny bit.  I must say I lucked out for his 1 and only time puking to be so minor.  It did suck that he had eaten some carrots and some red fruit punch before dinner but I am not complaining… it could have been way worse.

He has a fever(102) still but no puking and so he believes he is NOT sick.  I told him that he still had a fever and needed to take it easy but he insists that he is not sick anymore.  I figured arguing with him was futile and I’ll just keep giving him Motrin until his fever breaks.  He’s busy playing with Emma and acting like a normal little man.

I know I’m incredibly lucky to have such healthy kids and I still count this small episode of puking as an anomaly.  My brother has an amazingly strong stomach and has only thrown up a few times in his life.  I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes that Gerrit inherited Jay’s tummy and not mine.  Lord knows, the only reason my kids know how to throw up in the potty is from watching their mother.  See… sometimes being a bad mom can be good.  No?


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One Response to Sickman

  1. Duh says:

    You should really refrain from being bulimic right in front of your kids. Seems like that would sort of screw them up.

    Weezer just announced their U.S. tour!!!!! Austin, Oct. 20th!!!!!!!!!!

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