Go big or go home

My friend Tracy, recently completed a triathlon and really started my brain a whirring.  When I talked to her about it beforehand, she told me that she wanted to do something BIG this year and that was certainly big.  Although, not tempted to do a tri myself, it made me really think about doing something big.  There’s something to be said about accomplishing something you (or maybe other people) don’t think you can do.  A certain satisfaction in saying, I did something that was hard and I had to work really hard to do it.  Being a stay at home mom does not afford me many opportunities to do that.  Most days, my toughest challenge is making a dinner worthy of being called both edible and healthy.  And some days, I just shoot for edible. 

Then I was reading Tracy’s blog and saw that she is doing a half marathon.  I could almost feel my head cock to the side with intrigue.  A half marathon?  Could I do that?  I quickly googled to see where this marathon was and when it was.  It’s Oct. 19 in the same city as I live.  Hmmm… interesting.

I asked Dan on Tuesday what he thought about me doing it.  He looked at me as if I just said I was considering smoking a crack pipe.  He remarked that it was really far.  I replied to him that it wasn’t an actual marathon, it’s a 1/2 marathon.  He asked how far that was and I told him 13.1 miles.  Crackhead look again and he said “yeah, that’s really far Chris”.  Um… yeah, I get that.  After getting his reaction and feeling like he doesn’t think I can do this, I get a little fire in my belly.  Now, I REALLY want to do it just to show him that I can.  Why the hell couldn’t I?

I devise a plan to rope one of my friends into this hair brained scheme.  Of course, Tracy is running it but she lives over an hour away and we can’t run together to train.  I decide to rope in Megan.  I give her my best arguments of why she has to do this too and we come up with a game plan.  We start our runs together on Monday morning.  First day of training is 3miles!  From there, we have 10 weeks to train up to 13miles.  Yikes!!!

I know it will be crazy hard and it’ll be so much harder than I’ve ever pushed myself but as weird as it sounds, I am looking forward to it.  I’m excited for the challenge and to see just how far my brain can blast my body.  Mental toughness is something people like to think they have but how often do you question it?  Just how much perseverance and discipline do I have inside me?  How much focus and desire do I have?  And how far past tired can I go?  I guess I’ll get to find out. 

I figure this will have to help me lose those 10lbs that are just mocking me everyday.  I still have pre-pregnancy clothes that I can’t get anywhere near into and it drives me crazy.  I’m not ready to admit defeat & that my body is a lost cause just because a couple babies took residence in it for a while.  I figure if I still can’t fit those clothes after this, I’ll be able to happily part with them knowing that I did everything in my power to get back there.

AND of course, there’s the bragging rights.  Anyone that knows me (or reads this blog) knows that I absolutely LOVE trash talking.  It’s better than chocolate to me.  After I accomplish this, I figure I’ll have the right to talk a little smack at the very least.  As competative as Megan & I are though, hopefully we don’t kill each other training.  I actually think that will be a good thing.  We’ll be completely unwilling to give up if the other one is still going.  I think that’s good… as long as we don’t die 😉


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7 Responses to Go big or go home

  1. That’s really cool, Chris. My friend Robert just ran a half marathon in NYC and he did really well. He came in at just over 2 hours, which was his goal. Go for it!

  2. Duh says:

    Can you drink beer and run?

    When you finish training you’re totally gonna look like this:

  3. Chris says:

    ROFLMAO Duh! I really hope I don’t look like that when I’m done. I just might quit if I start to but somehow I don’t think my body is capable of turning into that. I’ll keep you updated though just to be safe. I’m not able to drink beer while I run yet cuz I’m just concentrating on breathing but maybe as I train longer, I’ll develop that skill. That would make it more fun fo sho!

    Thanks FW! I’m stoked, I just ran 3 miles last night for the first time and so I know that I can do it now. I have to work on my pace as much as my distance but that’s what training is for. I think if I finish in 2hrs or less, I’ll be really happy. I’ll have to reevaluate that goal as I get more running under my belt.

  4. Good luck and keep us posted! Do they have mini Triathlons in your area? What about a run club?

  5. tracy says:

    YEA!! not only do i get bragging rights on my own BLOG, but now i can say that i finally made honorable mention on the world’s most popular blog (that would be yours)

    I LOVED the TRI, but the 1/2 is my nemesis. I will keep going and you will keep going, but i am allowed to be mad at it in the process.

  6. Chris says:

    Oh Tracy… if you do in fact think this blog is anywhere near the most popular blog, I’ll just let you live in ignorant bliss LOL. And yes, you do get bragging rights. Part of being hard core and my friend is that I take credit in YOUR achievements. I mean, wasn’t having me as a friend a large part of your success completing the TRI? I’m sure it was. At least in my brain it is. Not only can I trash talk from what I’ve done, but from what my friends have done as well. It’s great to be me 😉 You can be mad but no punking out!

    Thanks Random! I figure I’ll do a weekly post on that week’s training. That way, I don’t bore you guys to tears with all my blathering. You guys can only take so much whining and crying. Seriously, how many times can I be all ‘I was running’ in a Forrest Gump voice? I decided the max was 1/week.

    I don’t know if they have TRI’s near here. I haven’t had any interest in doing one yet. Cycling has never been my friend and I doubt 31 is the appropriate age to try to get the upper hand on gravity. Maybe I’ll change my mind. But for now, I’ll be glad to hang my hat on the 1/2 marathon ring.

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